This One Thing will Make or Break You

There is One Thing inside of each of us that can determine whether we will be financially successful or dead broke. This one thing is why some people live on the streets, while others live in a multi-million dollar penthouse in Manhattan. It’s this one thing that determines if someone is happily married or living in solitary loneliness.

What is this thing? It is:


Our attitude determines how we meet the challenges that present themselves to us each day. All of us have crappy moments, crappy days, crappy weeks, crappy months, even crappy years. It’s how we react to these challenges that determines whether we come out winners or losers on the other side.

The Rich Have Gone Through Trials Too

People are under the mistaken belief that the rich have become how they are because of dumb luck, or because they were born into a rich family. Although the latter can be true, in most cases, the rich are rich because they set a goal, and they stuck with it through thick and thin. The road to riches is jam-packed full of trials, pitfalls, struggles, doubt, depression, feelings of worthlessness, and most people give up. The rich have persisted with a winning attitude, and if they get knocked over, they get back up again. If they face pitfalls, they may take a day or two rest and they get back up again and persist until they reach their goal.

How a Bad Attitude Kept a Collegue Poor and Single

I know of a guy, let’s call him Grouchy Gus. Now Gus was not his real name as I want to keep it private. This man’s wife divorced him 12 years ago at the time of this writing. He felt so hurt by this loss, that even today, he is not in any type of loving relationship with anyone right now. He often talks about how much he would love to get back together with his ex-wife. On the same note, he will talk about the terrible things she does to him to try to collect more and more money for child support, including lying to the judge in court, yet he cannot let go of her.

I don’t want to minimize how hard a divorce can be on someone, it’s a life-altering event that can be extremely difficult to get past. However, the attitude someone in that position needs to have is an abundance attitude. He first needs to accept the fact that he will never get back with his wife again, and that there are other women out there with whom he is compatible. If he had this better attitude, he would probably be in a different place today. He would probably be with someone and would probably have a better career, better health, and a happier life.

Have you heard the saying that if you succeed heavily in just one aspect of your life, that other aspects fall into place pretty much automatically? The same is true for those who let one aspect fail in their life. If you let your love life fail because you are unwilling to move on, your career, health, and happiness will likely go with it.

Read an Autobiography on Someone Successful

You should be reading at least a book per week. That’s what the rich do…..Get this right and other aspects will fall into place. One of your books can be an autobiography, or even a biography on a rich person or successful person. Abraham Lincoln has some biographies written about him and his life of extreme struggle, depression, loss, and disappointment, all leading up to his presidency. What was his secret to overcoming all these challenges and being recognized as one of the most successful people in history? His attitude, he had the right attitude and stuck to his goals.

Read some other biographies and autobiographies of successful people and you will often find stories of struggle, of loss, of depression, and how they overcame these hurdles with the right attitude.

What you can do now

No matter where you are now, if you are in a crappy low-paying job, lonely, divorced, even if you feel you are a downright loser. Try to change your attitude from this moment forward and have the attitude that you will win in life. Look at your current state of affairs, and see them as a temporary setback. See the light at the end of the tunnel and run toward it. It won’t be easy, but with the right attitude, you can do anything and you can overcome any challenge and come out stronger on the other side.

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