The Secret Key to Your Success

What if someone told you that there is one big secret key to success.  Would you want to know about it?  Well, there is one big secret to success.  It’s one that very few people follow, it is often the number one reason for failure in Business, for failure in Network Marketing, and because this principal is not followed by many, most quit before they can become successful. 

Do you want to know the secret?  Here it is;


That’s it!  Sorry that it’s not some grandiose over dramatized secret of the universe!  It’s simple, and anyone can do it, they only have to choose to do it. 

Persistence is the key to success.  Most who follow this principal eventually end up successful.  Some take longer than others, sometimes a lot longer than others.  Yet, I have seen some of the least likely people reach financial freedom because they were simply persistent in achieving their goals for a very long time.  

I don’t want to give you the wrong idea about persistence.  It’s not repeating bad or ineffective methods hoping that someday they’ll work to your advantage.  

Persistence includes making corrections along the way

When you are persistent, you are also learning.  Most importantly you are learning from your mistakes and from the mistakes of others.  You will make mistakes, then you will make changes until you find the right way that will bring you to success faster.  Persistence is not always consistent, you must adapt, adjust, split test, and change as you are persistently achieving your goals  Having a Mentor will significantly speed up the process of learning from your mistakes and fine-tuning your skills to that of a successful person.  With Wealthy Affiliate, you get mentors and a support team to help you along the way.  

Persistency does not discriminate

It doesn’t matter if you are fat or skinny, tall or short, ugly or beaitful, rich or poor.  Persistency will always lead you to success, and the lack of persistency will aways lead to failure.  

I know of a man, we will call him Peter in this story.  From the outside, Peter seemed like the least likely person to achieve success and even financial freedom.  He was not very tall, but very thin and wirey, he had a huge and noticable gap between his teeth, he wore these thick glasses (no I am not hating on those who wear glasses as I wear them too), and he had a very strange personalily, he was friendly, but very awkward and goofy.  

Peter was in on my side-line when I was an independent distributor with the Network Marketing company Excel Communications (before they went out of business).  He had been a independent distributor for the company for several years and he was not having a lot of success.  He had a small downline organization, but a decent number of personal customers.  And he was still working a day job and there were people that joined the company as distributors long after him that were successful and financially free within a couple of years. 

Now, most people would have given up at this point calling themselves failures, because they couldn’t grow their organization while others coming in the business after them were succeeding while they were not.  

Peter is not most people.  Peter was persistent.  He didn’t let the fact that newer people than he were succeeding faster than he was bother him.  He stuck to his own goals, worked persistenty, and did not give up.  

One day after a little more than a year that I met Peter, when I was attending our weekly Tuesday night business opportunity meeting, the host of the meeting called Peter up to the front to publically congratulate Peter for reaching the rank of “Senior Director”, this is usually the rank where most distributors are able to walk away from their day job and enter the world of financial independence.  Apparently over the previous 3 months, Peter’s business exploded.  He personally sponsored a few more key players, who grew their downlines and customer base at lighting speed.  Motivated by their success, his other downline members began following suit and building their downline.  

A year prior when I met Peter, he was literally 3 feet from gold.  If he would have quit like most people would have at this point, we would have not realized the explosive growth that came as a result of his being persistent and would have returned back to a life of mediocrity and failure.  Instead he stuck with it and continued to believe in himself, and the Universe rewarded him accordingly.  

Persistence must be accompanied by a positve attitude

You can be persisent, learn from your mistakes, and keep on persuing your goals, but you must have a positive attitude during the journey.  In the story above, Peter was a positive person, always, I never saw him down and he was always thankful for the small successes he was making, and because he was thankful, the universe opened the doors of abunance leading him up to the promotion to Senior Director a year later.  

The Take Away

If there is anything I would like to see you take away from this blog post, it would be this:

If Peter can do it, you can do it.  If you have failed in the past, it’s because you were not persistent.  If you make a decision today to be persisent and to never give up on your goals, you too will have financial success, it may be just around the corner, or it still may take you a few years more. Either way, if you give up, you fail, if you remain persistent, you will be successful.  

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