The Introvert’s Path to Wealth

Once upon a time wealth and riches were mostly reserved for the extroverted and the really outgoing people, except those few geniuses who invented something that changed the world. If you were shy or were not outgoing, the best you could do was get a high paying job in the tech industry or become an engineer. 


Times have changed, because of the internet, introverted people as well as extroverted people now have the chance to become very rich! YES! There are shy people who are making mafia money right now through leveraging the power of the internet.

You can do that too! How?

First it would help to list some money making vehicles that are NOT for introverts:

  1. Real Estate Investing
  2. Old School MLM
  3. Sales Jobs

Real Estate Investing

This is often a misunderstood business model. Many people go into Real Estate Investing thinking they simply just need to drive around and find a messed up home they can buy, fix up, and sell at a profit and that the sellers will just easily give up their homes for a low ball price. When the market is down in the dumps, you may be able to do this a little more easily, but in 95% of cases, Real Estate Investing is a people business. You almost always have to negotiate heavily with the seller and to come to a workable deal. You have to knock doors of surrounding homes of the ugly home you found, just to find out who the owner is. This is definitely an introvert’s nightmare.

If you want to invest in Real Estate to have rental properties to build up your retirement. First, start a business using a vehicle that is introvert friendly, make a lot of money, and then hire bird-dogs and wholesalers to find Real Estate Investment deals for you.

Old School MLM

Introverts can make money through Multi-Level Marketing, but not necessarily through the old school way of making a list of all your friends and family and pitching on your products or your business opportunity, or even worse, the dreaded 3-foot rule where everyone within a 3-foot radius of you is an automatic prospect or lead for your business.

Purchasing leads from MLM lead vendors is not ideal either. Imagine someone who is an introvert making calls to complete strangers and pitching them on their business opportunity when we all know that 90% of these leads are already of very poor quality, most certainly not a sustainable way for an introvert to build a business.

In order for an introvert to be successful and make money in MLM, they have to learn some online marketing skills and be able to teach others how to use them. Although introverts can be successful in MLM, it is not the best business model out there for them in my opinion.

Sales Jobs

I have heard it said that if someone wants to make a lot of money, but does not want to start their own business, and that person doesn’t have a lot of learned skills, a career in Sales is the best path for them. However, it’s the worst job for an introvert. If you are an introvert, but are not interested in starting a business, look at getting a degree in Computer Science or Engineering, watching an introvert try to sell something is one of the most painful scenes to witness.

The Best Path for an Introvert

The best path for an introvert is to start an Affiliate Marketing Business online. As an Affiliate you get paid to sell other people’s products. Through programs such as Amazon, Clickbank, and many other programs you can earn anywhere from 4% to 75% commission.

It’s not just as simple as posting an ad selling one of these products and expecting everybody and their brother to buy. You first need to learn online marketing skills such as Search Engine Optimization(SEO), email marketing, copywriting, email marketing, and branding yourself. It can be time-consuming and challenging to learn most of these skills, but it’s worth it because after you master them, you can basically make a large amount of money on demand. One of the best educational resources to learn most of these skills is Wealthy Affiliate. What more? You can learn exactly how to sell other people’s products from your own website that you build through Wealthy Affiliate. You can read my review on them here.

If you really want to do MLM and not Affiliate Marketing, these skills will help you in that as well, but you will need to be willing to teach these skills to your downline, and that adds additional challenges for introverts, because you will need to actually talk to people from time to time.

In Affiliate Marketing, you NEVER have to talk to anybody. You are selling someone else’s products, so if there are any issues, the customer will contact customer care of the product’s company or creator, NOT you. You are simply a middleman collecting a commission for referring somebody.

Comment below, what do you think? Do you think introverts can make a lot of money? Or do you think wealth is still reserved for the outgoing and extroverted?

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