Stop Being Jealous of the Rich….

Jealous of the rich? Well, depending on your goals, that may not be the wisest thing to do. If your goal is to be rich someday, that is most certainly not a feeling you want to have toward wealthy people. If your goal is to get a good job that pays well, you probably would not want to despise the rich either. There quite a few reasons why you should not only not be jealous of the rich, but to actually and genuinely be happy for them and even praise them.

You repel what you despise

Whatever you despise in life, you repel it away from you. What is the opposite of repel? Attract! The law of attraction is a real universal law that applies do you whether you like it or not, or whether you believe it or not. So when you are thankful for other people’s success and you praise them deep inside, you are actually attracting more success to your self. Do you ever wonder why those co-workers of yours who complain a lot about the company and about the CEO somehow never manage to get promoted? Do you notice that those who are thankful to the company and are thankful for their job are the ones who get promoted and move up in the company? This all falls under the law of attraction and this will always be the case.

So the opposite of the word attract is repel. Does it not make sense then that those who complain about a company or about a CEO are really repelling success in their own lives?

Are you guilty of complaining at work? I am not here to condemn, I have been there before, and there is something you can do about it.

Decide from this moment forward, that you will be thankful for the success of your employer and the CEO of the company you work for, that you will praise him or her, and that you will wish more success.

As you do this, you will realize for yourself how important of a role you play within your company and you will actually find yourself working harder for the company’s success. This is in turn do at least two things for you. 1. You will be happier at work, and 2. You will likely get promoted as opportunities come up as you will stand out from other co-workers.

Don’t repel wealth, Attract it

If you are reading this blog post, you are likely looking for more out of life than just being a good employee and moving up in the company. Or you are looking at this blog post because the Title is somewhat controversial and you want to see why someone like me could be so crazy as to conjure up such as crazy idea. Either way, this is good advice for every body including you.

Do you want to be rich? At the same time, do you find yourself criticizing the rich for their overly large houses or having 24 luxury cars? Have you ever found yourself referring to the rich as “rich snobs”? As stated above, this attitude toward the rich will keep you poor and this will continue to be the case until you not only stop, but also until you start being happy for the rich and being thankful that they are around. Think about it, if there were no rich people, you wouldn’t even know what being rich is. Sometime in your life, you heard about rich people, and you were inspired to decide to be rich yourself, right? In a way you were praising the rich and you wanted to be just like them, right? You need to get back to that mindset again today.

You cannot attract that which you despise…..

On the flip side, you will attract that which you are thankful for and that which you praise.

What you can do starting today

Do you want to see your life turn around quickly? Do you want to see yourself grow in your career? Do you want to start making a lot more money than you are currently? Then do this:

  • Start being thankful for your job.
  • Be thankful to your CEO for working really hard to get up to his or her current level in the company.
  • Be thankful to and praise all the rich people you know
  • Be thankful for the money you are making now even if it is a meager amount

Making the 4 changes above will immediately begin the process of attracting more good in your life. You will begin to enjoy work more. If you have a boss that treats you in a lousy way, he or she will start treating you better, or your boss may change completely to a better boss.

You will see opportunities to move up in your company and you will be able to more easily move up compared to those co-workers who are not exercising these changes.

If being rich is your goal, you will start attracting business opportunities to yourself and you will attract certain people to your life that will help you achieve your goals of becoming wealthy. Although you should exercise caution and use good judgment before jumping into any business opportunity, when you feel good about one, you should jump in with both feet.

One way to get the ball rolling for yourself in an online business, is to be educated on how to launch an online business. You can also begin earning while you are learning. The best training platform for this is Wealthy Affiliate. If an online business is not your cup of tea, there are other ways to become rich. You can begin buying franchises, you can invest in real estate, or start a business from scratch. It is up to you.

Either way, don’t be critical of the rich, this is the surefire way to not be successful in life. Be thankful for them and you will open the door of abundance to yourself.

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