Robert Kiyosaki’s Book on Network Marketing!

Everybody and anybody who’s somebody in the world of entrepreneurship knows that Robert Kiyosaki has written several books on financial freedom, investing, and much more.

There are not a lot of people however, who know that he has written a book about Network Marketing. I think the biggest reason people don’t realize that he has written such a book is because the Title of the book does not contain the words Network Marketing, MLM, nor Multi-level Marketing, not even Direct Selling!

Robert Kiyosaki’s book on Network Marketing is titled The Business School For People Who Like Helping People.


Reading this book will do 4 things for you. It will:

  1. Help you determine if Network Marketing is the best path for you

  2. Remove any doubts you may have on the legitimacy of MLM
  3. Re-ignite or increase your level of belief in MLM
  4. Re-ignite or increase your level of excitement and motivation

This book does not:

  1. Provide tips on network marketing
  2. Teach business building skills
  3. Recommend any specific Network Marketing Company

Help you determine if Network Marketing is the best path for you

There are many paths you can take to reach your financial goals, especially if your goal is Financial Freedom. Network marketing is just one of these paths. Robert Kiyosaki lists other ways you can become rich outside of Network Marketing and he gives the pros and cons of each.

Robert also spells out the kind of person you need to become in order to be successful in Network Marketing. The Title says it all, you need to like helping people, whether that’s helping someone learn the skills needed to succeed in their business, or helping them save money on their utilities or take better care of their health through the supplements you sell.

He also explains the benefits that come from becoming successful in a network marketing business, not just in more money and more free time, but other benefits that snowball from more money and more time.

Finally, Robert will let you know what type of person will NOT be successful Network Marketing and will even tell you story of someone he knows who was at one time extremely successful in MLM, lost everything, and went bankrupt and what you can do to avoid letting this happen to you.

Remove any doubts you may have on the legitimacy of MLM

Let’s face it, Network Marketing is probably one of the most controversial ways to make money and to reach financial freedom. In my opinion, the industry is misunderstood, I think if most people looked at the industry with fresh eyes and an open mind, they would see this a very legitimate way to reach one’s financial goals and not just an industry of pyramid schemes.

Because of this stigma that Network Marketing has, and because of the lots of the rejection that comes with marketing this type of business opportunity, sometimes these doubts will enter into the minds of those who are Network Marketers. They may question themselves on whether what they are doing is legitimate or even honest. These doubts, if left unchecked, can impede the growth and progress of Network Marketers.

The good news is, that reading this book removes those doubts. Hearing a very successful business man give his positive, but very detailed insight and opinion on the Network Marketing industry is a great way to remove these doubts and increase confidence. It feels like you have Robert on your team as a cheerleader.

Re-ignite or increase your level of belief in MLM

Once you remove the doubts you may have about what you are doing, it becomes a lot easier to increase your level of belief in MLM. This book gives you a comparison with other business models and really lets you see how MLM may be the best way to reach financial freedom. He lists the benefits that come from doing MLM and your belief level goes up.

Re-ignite or increase your level of excitement and motivation

Once your belief goes up, you become really excited and really motivated about your business. Robert Kiyosaki’s wording in this book is very upbeat and positive. Reading this book and reading his words will give you a similar experience that you would have if you were listening to a motivational seminar put on by one of the highest income earners in your MLM company. It’s funny that Robert did not earn his wealth from a Network Marketing company, in this book, it sounds like he’s an expert in the industry.

This is only some of what this book does. This book will dispel a myth about the MLM industry too. Have you ever heard someone tell you that you do not need to sell or be a salesperson to be successful in MLM? Robert touches on the importance of sales skills and MLM in this book.

The Business School For People Who Like Helping People is one of the best books on Network Marketing and despite how much information is packed in this book, it is only 128 pages. You can read this book in just a few hours, even if your’e a slow reader.

Pick up a copy of this book today, and see what difference this will make in your business and your finances!


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