Read and Get Rich……

What do you do in your spare time? Do you plop yourself on the couch and watch TV? Do you work on home improvements? Do you listen to or watch political shows? Do you watch live sporting events? Do you read books?

If you do the latter, you are slowly making yourself more wealthy, if you are doing any of the former too much, you are either staying the same or your are getting poorer.

Don’t get me wrong, there are TV shows I like, I love Netflix, Amazon Prime TV, and some other channels, but if you are spending hours watching TV every evening after work and on the weekends, and you have a goal to be rich……..some day, then you need to do an overhaul of your schedule.

They always say you should do what the rich do if you want to become rich. One thing you can start doing today if you want to be rich some day is to start reading books regularly. The rich read on average over 60 books per year. That’s roughly 1 book per week and then some. If you start reading a good number of books every year, eventually you can be rich too.

If your schedule seems filled up by other time-consuming tasks that are not making you money, it’s time to revamp your schedule to include reading.

Before You Revamp Your Schedule

Before you change your schedule, if you haven’t already, find a way to make money online, there are many ways you can do this. You can do surveys, you can sign up in an online friendly Network Marketing organization, or you can be an affiliate and make a boatload of money selling other people’s products. With the last two, you need to learn online marketing skills and you need a good source of training for this.

Set Your Business Schedule

Once you have a way to make additional money, whether online or offline, you need to set up a schedule and stick to it the best you can. Be sure to include at least 5 to 10 hours per week that you dedicate to working your business. If you have a day here or there where you miss your schedule, don’t beat yourself up, just maintain a positive attitude and do better the next day.

Set Your Reading Schedule

If you set aside 1 hour per day to work your business, you should set aside another 30 minutes or another hour to reading books. Try to give yourself enough time to read to where you can read at least 1 book per week. If you are really struggling to find time to read, start listening to audio books. You can listen to them on Audible, or you can buy the audio book CDs or borrower them from your library and listen to them in your car.

What Kind of Books Should You Read?

You should read a combination of success books, entrepreneurial books, business books, motivational books, instructional books, and even a good fiction book once in a while. Before you read any success books, I would highly recommend reading this book first.

The way people like you can get rich by reading books is that you will build up this wealth of knowledge in your mind, that will literally inspire you with money making ideas at any given moment. It will be like an ah-ha moment. Also, if helps to shift your mindset to what it needs to be in order to be successful. I should also add that reading makes you more positive.

Success books have a way of lifting up your mood into a more positive mood, and being positive attracts more positive things in your life, including more money.

In Conclusion

If you can only make this change in your schedule to read more success books and to work an online business, you will be setting yourself up for a very bright future filled with a lot more money and a lot of opportunity for growth. So, next time you feel bored, pick up a good success book and start reading.

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