People Must Like You – important!

You may be tempted to overlook and ignore this post. I beg of you, for your own good, to read this post all the way through. Why? Because people prefer doing business with people they like! On the flip side, NOBODY likes to do business with people they do not like. It’s really that simple.

How can you get people to like you?

The answer is simple, but the process and the bad habits you need to break and the good habits you need to adopt are not easy. However, the largest and most difficult journeys begin with a single step.

What can you do today to make more people start to like you?

1. Show an interest in them

It is tempting to go out in public or to a party and want to talk about ourselves a lot. We want to talk about our job, our family, our spouse, our kids, our house, our successes, and much much more.

I admit it feels good, but take a moment to switch roles. What if someone else approached you or had a conversation with you and all they talked about was them self? How would you feel? Well, if you’re like most people, you would probably resent that person and maybe even make fun of him or her behind his back. So keep this in mind if you are tempted to tell someone about all the places you have traveled.

Do this instead:

Next time you are with a friend, or a new acquaintance, ask the other person questions about himself or herself. Be genuinely interested in their responses and learning about them as a whole. If you adopt the philosophy that you can learn something new from everybody with whom you come in contact, it will make it easier to find interest in them.

After each question you ask about them, let them respond and you listen to them. Do not talk, do not interrupt them, but do be interested. Don’t fake it or don’t go into the conversation with any other motive other than their interests.

2. Complement them

During the course of your conversation, or other circumstances where you are dealing with people, find something they do well and complement them on it. Just like with showing interest in them, make sure it is genuine. If you can’t find anything to complement them on, don’t complement them. Being phony is always a lot worse than saying nothing at all.

If you are at a restaurant and your waiter/server provides you with excellent service, you let them know about it. What will that person do? They will go home at the end of the day feeling like a million dollars. Imagine if a lot more people did that, imagine the impact that would have on society.

3. Look to solve their needs, not your needs

This sounds very obvious and seems like it should belong in the course People 101, but it would surprise you how many people in Sales or Network Marketing go out to work with the mentality of trying to make a commission, or trying to build a downline. They go out prospecting for themselves and their own success in mind, that they completely fail to think about the person to whom they are selling.

When you are selling a product or selling a business opportunity, always ask questions of the other person to discover their true needs and their true desires. If what you are selling is a match for them, they will know it and will basically sell it to themselves. You may have to give a gentle little push to resolve any remaining concerns they may have, but you should never have to convince them or hard-sell them. If your product or service is not a match, then that’s okay too. No need to push a service down someone’s throat who doesn’t need it.

Do you want a satisfied customer after the sale who will tell everyone how great you are because you listen to them, complement them, and look to resolve their needs? Or would you rather have a dissatisfied customer who tells everyone that you pressured them into buying something they did not need or want, or would you rather deal with returns and Better Business Bureau complaints? None of this sounds pleasant, so always put their needs first.

How does this apply to MLM sponsoring?

Would you rather discover a prospect’s needs and find out that your MLM opportunity is not a good fit for their needs and goals and they do not join you, but go out and tell their friends how awesome you are. Or you find out that your business opportunity is for them, they do join you and they work their tail off to grow their business, thereby making you more money?


Would you rather hard sell someone into joining your organization when it’s not a good fit, and they resent you, talk bad about you to their friends, and even file a complaint against you with your MLM company?

I think the answer is obvious.

Getting in the habit of being interested in other people and their needs is not an easy habit to acquire, but if you do, success is yours, no matter what industry you are in.

So today, try to get people to like you by implementing the above strategies, even if you don’t do them perfectly, you will probably have more people liking you, and the more people that like you, the more people that will want to do business with you.



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