Network Marketing: Choose the Right Sponsor

Before you sign on the dotted line or click submit on the online application to join a Network Marketing Organization, be sure to pick the right sponsor.  Who is the right sponsor?  It really depends on your personality and who you better jive with, but there are non-negotiables when it comes to your sponsor, no matter how much you may like them or how good you jive with them.

Make sure that you know with certainty that your sponsor “is” or “does” the following:

  1. Mentor
  2. Stretches You
  3. Patient
  4. Friendly


In Network Marketing the words “Sponsor” and “Mentor” are synonyms.  One can’t be a sponsor if he is not a mentor.  If he is not a mentor, then he is nothing more than a recruiter.  Recruiters may recruit people in their business and see who fails and who thrives.  They will sling mud at the wall to see what sticks.  The problem with that way of building a business is that the recruiter is failing to build a foundation.  Without a foundation, a building will collapse at the first sign of bad weather, just the same a business will collapse and recruits will leave at the first sign of struggle.

What character traits will a Mentor have?

First he or she has to be a leader.  They have to lead by example, which means they need to be working the business better and more consistently than they expect you to do.  They must be a support specialist for you in your infant stages in the business and help you overcome challenges

Second, they have to be positive.  A positive attitude goes a long way toward being a leader and a mentor.  The infant stages of building any business is often extremely difficult for newbies.  You will face some serious rejection, often for the first time in your business life and they will need to be at such a positive level that they can spread some of that positivity to you and help you see and keep the end goal in mind.

A Mentor is a teacher.  They will sponsor two types of people into their downline: those with previous mlm experience and/or business experience, and those with no business experience.  They need to be able to teach you everything they know and help you begin to have a business mindset and to have vision of what your life can be like if you stick with the business.  They need to teach you marketing skills, sales skills, online marketing skills,  the importance of delayed gratification, and an abundance mindset.

Stretches You

A good sponsor will stretch you.  Your sponsor wants what is best for you and for his or her business organization.  They want to shape you from an employee to a solid and competant business owner.  A true sponsor will challenge you to do things that are uncomfortable and sometimes downright scary.  They don’t do this to see you fail and give up.  They do this so you can fail, learn from your mistakes, try again, fail, learn from your mistakes and they will repeat this process until you succeed and make money.

A sponsor who does not push you and challenge you is merely a recruiter.  When you interview your sponsor before you join any business, ask them to stretch you and challenge you.  If they seem turned off by this, move on.  If they are willing to stretch you or even come out and say that they will stretch you, you may have found the right sponsor.


A good sponsor is patient.  A recruiter will easily give up on their sponsors if one of them takes longer to build a business than the others.  A sponsor will recognize that not all people are on the same level of experience with building a business and it will require of them more time, more teaching, more mentoring, and more patience.

On the flip side, you, as a new rep under your sponsor, need to make sure you are doing those things and applying the lessons you learn from your Mentor.  If you do this and try to improve each day, then your sponsor must be patient with your growth and continur to mentor you.  If he or she gives up, you are not working with a true sponsor, you are working with a recruit.


Perhaps you have heard the saying “nobody wants to do business with a jackass”.  This is true with all business models.  Nobody wants to buy from a jackass, nobody wants to work for a jackass, and nobody wants to be sponsored (actually recruited) by a jackass.  Your mentor must be friendly.

When interviewing your potential sponsor, really read him or her.  If he or she is friendly and kind, and seems genuine, you may have met your ideal sponsor.  If your sponsor seems not very friendly, or prone to arguing or treating you in a condescending way, you are better off looking for someone else.

Unfriendly people usually don’t stay in business for long, while a friendly person will have people like him or her, and people love to buy from, and work with people they like.

So there you have it.  Keep these traits in mind when you are interviewing your sponsor.

  • Are they a true mentor?
  • Will they stretch you?
  • Will they be patient with you?
  • Are they friendly toward you and toward others?

And yes, do interview your potential sponsors.  You don’t have to make it a formal interview, but do ask questions, and do your best to read the person.

  • Can you see yourself being successful under this sponsor?
  • Do I feel comfortable around this sponsor?
  • Are they pulling me up or are they pulling me down?
  • Can I see myself being a busines partner with this person for they next several years?  Are they a good fit for me?

If you can answer yes, to these questions, you may have found the right sponsor.

Remember: Once you have found the right sponsor, get to work and do everything they tell you and apply everything they teach you.

What are your thoughts?  Do you agree? Do you disagree?  Please comment below:


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