My 20 Dollar Travel Business Opportunity Exposed! Read Before You Join

Are you researching the My 20 Dollar Travel Business to make sure it’s worth joining? You have come to the right place. I will give you a review based off my experience with it. I always give fair reviews where I first define what the business opportunity is and then I go over the good points of the opportunity, then the bad and the ugly. Let’s dive right in….

My 20 Dollar Travel Business


Owner: Steve Gresham


Headquarters: Athens, GA USA

Founded: 2019

Cost to join: Either $1, $20, or $100 per month

My 20 Dollar Travel Business


For $20 per month this business offers a travel search engine similar to Expedia, Priceline, or any other travel sight. The difference in their search engine is that the hotel rates are discounted. Most of them will save you about 10% to 20% off, some as high as 75% off. 

Business owners get access to this search engine, plus the opportunity to recruit other business owners and make a monthly residual income through 10 levels deep in a 2×10 forced matrix with the highest percentage paid out on the 10th level.

4 Review Criteria

What I look for in a Network Marketing company such as My 20 Dollar Travel Business are the following criteria:

  1. Does it have a system that I can can follow?
  2. Will I have the ability to brand myself?
  3. Will I have a mentor or a support team?
  4. Does the Company stand the test of time? Have they been around at least 10 years or more?

Does My 20 Dollar Travel Business have a system that I can can follow?

They do have a little bit of a system, but I have seen far better, especially in this day and age of internet marketing. In today’s internet marketing world, you should expect a system that sells your MLM business opportunity and/or your business’s products in an automated fashion.

The replicated website they give you is beautifully designed with a picture of a beautiful beach in the background, and they give some great information that your prospects will need to know, but I feel the layout is too noisy. It is easy for your prospect to get lost, which could in turn cause them to leave the website and not sign up for your business.

Can you create your own funnel web page that markets My 20 Dollar Business? You could, but it gets tricky, they require approval of your own self-created marketing tools that are not their own and from my experience, most MLM companies with this rule are unlikely to approve your own marketing tools.

The company highly emphasizes sharing the opportunity with friends and family. While this works for some people who have a high influence over their friends and family, it doesn’t work for the majority of people, hence the 95% failure rate. In 2020, internet marketing should be the main way to grow your downline.

They do offer decent emails with decent ad copy that you can use, but most of them are written to friends and family and very few are written in a way that would be effective to cold email leads. If you want to write your own emails, you must get their approval and we all know where that goes.

Will I have the ability to brand myself with

My 20 Dollar Travel Business?

With overemphasis on sharing with friends and family only, and with needing to get permission for any of your own marketing materials, it is extremely difficult to impossible to brand yourself. When everyone has the same replicated website, you look like everyone else and with only sharing with friends and family you are doing the same thing as everyone else. It’s hard to stand out and attract lots of prospects on auto-pilot with such strict and rigid rules.

Will I have a Mentor or a Support Team with

My 20 Dollar Travel Business?

This depends on your upline. If your direct upline is a proven leader who teaches, supports, and encourages his downline, then yes, you will have a mentor and your success will be a lot easier and faster. But, also make sure your sponsor is also someone who believes in 2020 online marketing methods. Steer clear of any downline who discourages modern business building and only encourages warm marketing methods only.

As far as a support team, the closest that My 20 Dollar Business has to a support team is a customer department. I don’t really consider them to be a support team. As support team should be a forum of other business builders who help each other out where you can ask questions and someone with experience will answer. You can also answer someones question and everyone grows together.

Does the

My 20 Dollar Travel Business

stand the test of time? Have they been around at least 10 years or more?

The quick answer to this question is “No”. My 20 Dollar Travel Business has been around since 2019. Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily. There are some advantages to joining at the ground floor level, but there is also bigger risk in the company going out of business. Nothing sucks more than building a huge downline with a 5 figure monthly income only to have it taken away from you overnight. Only 10 percent of new businesses last 5 years, and of those that survive, only 10 percent of those survivors last 10 years or more. This is true with brick and mortar businesses, and it’s true of MLM businesses too.

Other Pros and Cons of joining

My 20 Dollar Business


  • Low cost to entry, either $1 per month, $20 per month, or $100 per month
  • semi-weekly business opportunity conference calls
  • great product, the travel search engine really does save you money on hotels
  • Other opportunities to save money such as weekly grocery coupons
  • weekly fast start bonuses


  • Strict rules on marketing your business
  • Confusing back office, it’s hard to find banners and marketing materials for example
  • Company has been around a short time, higher risk of closing up shop
  • Confusing replicated business website, can turn potential prospects away
  • Per sponsor monthly payout is really low on levels 1-9, it’s only high on the 10th level


Some may be asking if My 20 Dollar Travel Business is a scam.  No, it is not a scam at all, but I wasn’t really impressed overall.  If I were to give an overall score to My 20 Dollar Travel Business, I would give it 2.5 stars out of 5.

There are some good aspects of My 20 Dollar Travel Business Opportunity and there are definitely bad aspects, it really depends on your preference. It just didn’t add up for me because of a lack of a good system to follow, the difficulty in branding myself, the lack of a support team, and the lack of time in business. 

However, if you are looking to start an online business and you want a compensation plan that’s very simple and easy to understand, where you can brand yourself and have an easy to follow system, with no PV requirements to get paid, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate. You can read my Dead Honest Review of Wealthy Affiliate here for more details.

What more, if you do decide to join My 20 Dollar Travel Business or any other MLM, Wealthy Affiliate is a great companion to help you build your business, because you can set up a website that advertises your business opportunity and your products. So either way, check it out.

20 thoughts on “My 20 Dollar Travel Business Opportunity Exposed! Read Before You Join”

  1. I really enjoyed reading your experience about My 20 Dollar Travel Business. I really appreciate your honest review full of useful explanations. Nowadays you find very few platforms that are not scams and from my point of view My 20 Dollar Travel Business is a good way to make money online. I think the low cost to entry here is a big advantage, at least $ 1 / month.
    I am glad you gave this feedback and 2.5 stars out of 5 which means neither bad nor good score.
    I appreciate that you recommend Wealthy Affiliate and I can say with confidence that this platform is a real one. Here I am a member for about a year and I learned how to have my own online business and earn money by promoting products.

    1. Thanks for your comment, My 20 Dollar Business works for some people, but not for others.  I can’t join a business that only allows warm market marketing.  

  2. Thanks a lot for such an amazing review about My 20 Dollar Travel Business Opportunity Exposed! Read Before You Join and explanation are given.

    I have been searching for an article for a long time about My 20 Dollar Travel Business Opportunity Exposed! Read Before You Join but I did not find much on the internet and if I found it was very poorly explained. When I came to this site I found out everything I needed.If you don’t mind, I will share this article on my social media account. Good luck!

    Thanks again for this post!

  3. I’ve heard a little bit about My 20 Dollar Travel Business Opportunity but nothing as extensive as this so it’s really helpful information to have. It’s good to know that while this product is at least not a scam, you are not recommending it. With 20 Dollar Travel Business Opportunity I don’t care for strict rules as I like the freedom to operate my own business. Banners are my bread and butter and if they are difficulty to find that’s a deal-breaker. After all, time is money! Your alternative in Wealthy Affiliate is outstanding, a really tried and true platform with an extensive online community, well done!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform for making money online.  Even if you run an MLM business, Wealthy Affiliate can help promote that MLM opportunity and products.  

  4. According to you “Some may be asking if My 20 Dollar Travel Business is a scam.  No, it is not a scam at all, but I wasn’t really impressed overall” well believe it or not i wanted to join this but the reviews i saw online changed my mindset.

    they were so many negative things been said about it, that it was a scam and all. but according to you it isn’t a scam i guess i would look into it again. thanks

    1. Yes, I don’t believe it’s a scam, some label it as a pyramid scheme, maybe it is, but the owner is a good person who really seems to want to help people be successful, he just needs to make it easier, and maybe he’s doing that.  

  5. Thank you for this great article! I think the topic or product here is amazing. Getting discounted worldwide stays at the hotels sounds really catchy and I think the conversion rate would have chances to be high. But you mentioning the MLM scheme, where your family and friends are making the highest part, it seems to be not very perspective. Taking into consideration the other aspects like lacking support, low payouts at lower levels and confusing websites, it seems to me like the business I would not join. And at the same time, I have to agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is the platform number one fo ran online success! Thank you and best success for your online journey! 

    1. Thanks for your comment.  I think my 20 Dollar Travel Business has great potential, but they are getting in their own way.  Nothing tops Wealthy Affiliate though when it comes to building a long term online business.  

  6. Thank you so much for sharing a wonderful article with us .I researched $ 20 in travel business .For $ 20 this business provided me with travel search engine like Expedia, Priceline or any other travel vision. I’m really happy to work at a network marketing company like $ 20 Travel Business .$ 20 Travel Business is no scam .Nevertheless, I work in affiliate marketing through wealthy affiliate and I am a successful affiliate marketer .With wealthy affiliate I have been able to make a lot of money and have provided me many tutorial videos to learn how to work here. Also wealthy affiliate has helped me a lot to take my website to a good level .

    Lastly, I hope that after reading your article, everyone will take on Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium Membership and share their successes with you.

    1. Thanks for your comment Shanta, Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal when it comes to being able to brand yourself, and to build yourself up as an authority in your niche, both are very key to long term success.  I wish you continued success in Wealthy Affiliate!  

  7. 20dollar travel business seems really good going by the various reviews I had checked on it before but you are the only one who truly explains the real way by which they operate and I appreciate this a lot. Thanks for the honesty in your review. Well, it does not look too convincing to me so I wouldn’t be involving myself in it. Thanks

    1. Thanks for your comment.  The whole reason I did this review was to inform people of what it’s really all about, that way they can make a decision for themselves whether they want to join or not.  

  8. Opening my $ 20 travel business opportunity has been said to be a great opportunity. In the world of Internet marketing today, we should expect a system that can sell our MLM business opportunities and business products in an automated fashion. In order to manage this business, I have to have a mentor and I have to follow the mentor and build a team to support them, and with their generous support I can move my team forward and from here I make a good income. I can change my life to make it a huge opportunity for me and I hope I succeed from here. Travel business is not a scam. After reading your article I found a lot of valuable information that will change my life and I want to do business. I will share your website on my social media so that my friends will be inspired to do this business when they see this website.

  9. The ability to brand oneself in any networking marketing platform is the selling point for your would-be conversions. Once anyone you are trying to convince cannot clearly pinpoint you in the network, it is very unlikely that they will be won over. Thanks for sharing your honest opinion of this discovery in your review of My 20 Dollar Travel Business Josh. I think your rating of them is equally fair in this regard.

    We are Blessed.

    1. Thanks for your comment, I agree that branding oneself is key to long term success.  Without it, you can make some money here and there, but not long term sustainable income.  

  10. I have read a review of My 20 Dollar Travel Business somewhere else before and it wasn’t impressive to me considering the model and structure of the business. It’s all based on referrals especially. From what I have seen, I don’t think this business will stand the test of time. Moreover, I want a business that is brandable and sustainable.

    1. Yes, I agree, if you can’t brand yourself, you really cannot make long term wealth online.  You might make some money here or there, but not long term.  

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