Making Money With Affiliate Marketing Made Simple

There are many ways to make money online, but one of the best ways, if not the best way to make money online is through Affiliate Marketing. What’s great about this method of making money is that you can be a complete introvert and you can do this from anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection.

So many people who sell their affiliate programs, or who sell their next big secret to making money online, often complicate the process of making money through affiliate marketing when really the process is so very simple.

Here is a video that shows just how simple the process and concept are, of making money online. Don’t get me wrong, you will need to learn some skills, but there are programs out there that can teach you.

Affiliate Marketing made simple

Build a Website

As you can see in the diagram in the video, you first build a website about your chosen niche. If this seems like a daunting task, then you would be right 20 years ago when you had to know how to write HTML, but today you would be wrong and thank goodness for that.

Building a website today is a piece of cake. Web building platforms such as WordPress have simplified the process so much that a 5-year old can build a website today. It is literally following a few steps and it’s up. With an additional layer of simplicity provide by Wealthy Affiliate, it’s even easier to build a website than with just going through wordpress alone.

Partner Up with Affiliate Programs

After you have your website up, you partner up with Affiliate Programs such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, E-Bay, and Clickbank. Signing up as an Affiliate with these companies is almost always free and almost always has a very easy sign-up process.

Once you have signed up, you find products that these companies sell and if they match your niche on your website, you can post ads strategically throughout your website. Training is highly recommended to learn this process because if you do it right, you can attract a ton of traffic to your website, if you do it incorrectly, your website can look to salesy and spammy, which will not only drive people away from your website, the search engines will punish you by giving you a lower ranking or completely removing you from search engine results.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

You can have the greatest website in the world, but it means nothing if people don’t know about you. You need to get your website and your brand out there so that you drive people (traffic) to your website. These people will come to your website and they will begin to trust you through the value that you provide with your website and posts. When people learn to trust you and your brand, they buy from you. The more value you provide, the more loyalty people will give back to you and they will visit your website over and over again looking forward to your next big post. The more traffic you can send to your website, the more sales your website will make and the more money you will earn.

It’s really all a numbers game, the more traffic you create and the more loyalty and trust you earn from website, the more you will earn. Some people do Affiliate Marketing full time and no longer have to work at a regular job. If you work hard enough, you may be able to do the same.

No Inventory to Store

When you sell other people’s and other company’s products and services, you do not have to store any inventory. The company for whom you are an affiliate has several warehouses already that store the items you will sell.

No Employees

You do not have to hire any employees, the company for whom you are an affiliate takes care of this too. They pay their employees, and often provide benefits for them. You don’t have to worry about this at all.

No Shipping

When someone or when several people by products through your affiliate links on your website, you don’t have to ship anything. The affiliate company does that too.

No Handling Returns

As an Affiliate Marketer, you don’t have to handle returns from customers who are dissatisfied with a product or service. They go directly back to the Affiliate company and they handle the returns for you.

No Customer Complaints

Other than a few bad apples that might post negative comments on your website, you don’t have to deal with customer complaints about any product or service that you sell through the affiliate links on your website. The Affiliate company already has a customer service team in place to take care of these problems. You never have to deal with an irate customer either, that really allows you to keep positive and focus on provide great content and great value on your website.

As you can see, Affiliate Marketing is a very good business model where you don’t have to deal with most of the complications of a traditional business. Do you want to get started with your own money making website today? Before you do, make sure you are being trained on how to do it properly and it’s helpful to have a support team to help you along the way. You get both good training and a great support team with Wealthy Affiliate.

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