LegalShield Review 2018: The Dead Honest Truth…

LegalShield Information

Owner: Jeff Bell (formerly Harland Stonecipher)


Headquarters: Ada, OK

Founded: 1972

Cost to join: $99, or $249 with LegalShield Advantage included for 1 year

LegalShield Purpose

The purpose of LegalShield is to provide the average person with access to the legal system, which at one time was only available to the wealthy through a Legal Insurance Plan known as LegalShield.  Just as car repairs after a car accident can cost thousands of dollars, a legal problem can easily cost thousands of dollars too, but if you spread out that risk through insurance, suddenly a very poor person has access to an attorney.

4 Review Criterias

What I look for in a Network Marketing company such as LegalShield are the following criteria:

  1. Does it have a system that I can can follow?
  2. Will I have the ability to brand myself?
  3. Will I have a mentor or a support team?
  4. Does the Company stand the test of time? Have they been around at least 10 years or more?

Does LegalShield have a system that I can can follow?

LegalShield does claim to have a system you can follow that is said to be duplicatible, the issue I find with this is the same issue I find with other network marketing companies such as Amway, that is they only teach you to make that list of everybody you know and to call them and market LegalShield services and the opportunity to them.  It’s a one size fits all approach that keeps 95% of network marketers struggling and failing in their business.

In the 21st century it’s important to be able to market your business opportunity and the products and/or services effectively to your cold market through effective techniques.  Most MLM businesses fail to teach this to their independent representatives and only teach them the “one size fits all” “Who do you know?” approach.

If you really want to join LegalShield or any other business and be able to effectively learn to do it online, your best bet would be to find a Sponsor who is already doing this himself or herself and join to join their team.  Another issue though that will come up is the fact that some states require you to have an insurance license to sell LegalShield, and unless you are willing to fork out the time and money to do this, you are working within a more limited market.

Will I have the ability to brand myself with LegalShield?

LegalShield’s business system itself does not allow you to brand yourself.  All representatives are taught to follow a similar system of building your business, which makes it hard for any individual to stand out.  You must learn to brand yourself and stand out from everyone else that’s pitching their opportunity.

You should ask yourself the following questions:

How am I different from all the other representatives out there who are promoting their business opportunity?

What can I offer my prospects that nobody else can offer?

There are thousands of reps within hundreds of MLM and Affiliate Programs, why should someone join me on my downline versus anyone else?

Will I have a Mentor or a Support Team with LegalShield?

If you have a Good Sponsor who comes from a strong organization, you will always have a strong mentor and a strong support team.  If you find that you have joined a weak sponsor with a weak team, your only point form of a support team is LegalShield customer service.

Now, unlike other MLM companies, LegalShield does offer trainings on leadership and business building during meetings on weekends in Hotel conference rooms and online, but they can still do better.

However, it’s very important that you find an excellent sponsor who can recruit you, train you, and be with you through the thick and thin of your MLM career.

Does the LegalShield stand the test of time? Have they been around at least 10 years or more?

Some say that a Network Marketing company or Affiliate Program needs to be in business at least 10 years to stand the test of time.  In other words the chance of the business going under or closing up shop is significantly reduced once the business passes the 10 year mark.

One of the positives of LegalShield is they have been around since 1972, so they are in it for the long haul, they have been in it for the long haul.  The chances of LegalShield going out of business are slim to none.

Other Pros and Cons of joining LegalShield


  • LegalShield has been around for over 40 years and are likely not to go out of business anytime soon
  • low start up costs compared to other MLM opportunities, as low as $99
  • better training on being a business owner than most opportunities
  • They offer low cost services that most people need
  • The Compensation plan pays daily, which is good for those who need fast cash


  • Business Opportunity and services are only available in the USA and Canada, thereby giving you a small market to work with
  • They heavily emphasize the need to grow your business through friends and family, when this business building method only works for a small percentage of network marketers, hence the high failure rate
  • They do not teach online marketing techniques such as branding, SEO, email marketing. Social Network Marketing etc. All necessary skills you need to succeed in business today.
  • Even though the compensation plan pays daily, it is complicated when you get into the bonuses that you can earn in the higher ranks, for some this is a turn off as it makes it difficult to set specific measure financial goals.


So, here is the Dead Honest Truth review of LegalShield.  The good news is, they are legit, they are a legit business that has helped countless people who have found themselves in legal trouble.  However, when it comes to using LegahShield as a vehicle to reach financial freedom, I have to give them a low score for the reasons above.

However, if you are looking to start an online business and you want a compensation plan that’s very simple and easy to understand, where you can brand yourself and have an easy to follow system that teaches you online marketing skills, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate. You can read my Dead Honest Review of Wealthy Affiliate here for more details.

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