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There are several free keyword tools across the internet.  Google offers a free keyword tool, for example.  Even though there are several choices, not all keyword tools are created equal.  The owners of Wealthy Affiliate University created a free keyword tool on steroids.  This tool is called Jaaxy.  It not only allows you to see different variations of the keywords you put in, it also ranks them in different categories so you know how likely a certain keyword will rank your website in the search engines.

If your AGV is above 30, your QSR is 100 or below, and your SEO is 90 or above, then you know you have a keyword that is more likely to rank in the search engines. Try out the Jaaxy Keyword Tool for yourself and see what you think:

As you can see, Jaaxy is the best free keyword tool out there.  Although the free account does limit your keyword searches to only 30, you can upgrade to “lite” for free if you are a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and lite gives you unlimited keywords.

Keywords – The right way and the wrong way

There is the right way and the wrong way to work with keywords.  if you use them the right way, then you are helping your website to rank well in the search engines and you can start producing traffic for your website.  If you use keywords the wrong way, not only are you not helping your website to rank well in the search engines, you are actually causing Google and other search engines to dislike your sight.

The right way

The right way to work with keywords is to use a really good tool such as Jaaxy.  Type in the search term you want to use, follow the scoring model I layed out for you above, and pick those key phrases that will help you rank best.  Examine each key phrase and make sure that it is grammatically correct and that it’s not awkward.  Once you have chosen one to three keywords and key phrases, emplement them into your website or your blog post.

Make sure that you are adding them to a sentence or phrase and make sure it sounds natural and that it doesn’t sound awkward when you read the sentence with the key phrase out loud.

Make sure to only emplement between one and three key phrases per blog post to avoid.

The wrong way

The wrong way to work with keywords is to do any of the following:

  • creating webpages or blog posts that are full of different random keywords, 3 should be the max per blog post
  • using keywords and phrases that are not grammitcally correct or have misspelled words
  • creating blog posts or webpages that use keywords and key phrases in an awkward way, or in a way that does not flow naturally
  • creating a webpage or a blog post solely for the purpose of creating keywords.  Your blog posts and webpages needs to have a real purpose to them, and that purpose should be to engage readers and build trust.

Not only will making any of the four mistakes above prevent your website from ranking well in the search engines such as Google and Yahoo, these search engines will actually dislike your website and punish you.  Even if you have a good blog post or webpage within your website where everything is done correctly, it will still not rank because the rest of your website is a keyword mess.

Even if the search engines were okay with the 4 keyword blunders listed above and they still ranked you well.  Visitors to your website would not enjoy the content on your site.

Your primary goal is to attract traffic to your website and to keep them there with well thought out, well organized, and interesting content.  If you can keep them engaged, they will comment on your posts, which will increase your rankings with the search engines and make you an authority figure in your chosen niche.

Remember to use good keywords and key phrases, but limit them, make them flow naturally within sentences in your blog post or webpages, and make your number one goal to create interesting content.

Remember this: If you ever have to make a choice between interesting content and a strong keyword or key phrase, it is always better  to go with interesting content, because very often your content will already have good keywords that you don’t even know about and YES, you will have to make a choice between the two sometimes.

Knowing how to use keywords is one of the important aspects of SEO.  Other aspects are making your website look good and inviting, adding content regularly, and having people engage with you through comments, and much more.  If you want to be an expert in SEO and really learn to how to master SEO, one of the best training platforms out there is Wealthy Affiliate.  Also, with a Wealthy Affiliate premium membership, you can upgrade to Jaaxy lite, which will give you unlimited keyword searches.

Please let me know what you think and share any experiences you have had with keyword research.  Comment below.

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