Brand Yourself and Stand Out

When you start a business online, it’s not enough to just get to work.  You need to brand yourself first, and build up that brand as you work.  Branding yourself is one of the 8 Online Network Marketing techniques in order to build your business online.  

What is branding yourself?  The best way to answer that question is to first look around at businesses in your community, take a look at businesses in your state or province, and take a look at the big megabusinesses across your country.  What do you notice?  Do any of these businesses stand out?  Are they famous?  Are they unique?  What product or service do they offer that their competitors don’t offer?  

When you brand yourself, you must:

Offer Something that Your Competitors Don’t Offer

Let’s take a look at a really well known brand; Pepsi Cola company also known as PepsiCo.  What does Pepsi offer that their competitors don’t offer?  First thing we have to ask is who are Pepsi’s competitors?  Coca Cola Company is the most obvious one.  RC Cola is a less obvious one, then there are all the generic store brands of soda, such as Shasta, Sams from Walmart and Sam’s Club, Big K from Kroger branded stores, and many others.  

What does Pepsi offer that those competitors don’t offer?  Well, going up against the store brands, PepsiCo offers a better flavor.  Against Coca Cola and RC Cola, it offers the option of Sodas with Nature Sugar instead of High Fructose Corn Syrup in the form of Pepsi with Real Sugar and Mountain Dew Throwback, and you can buy these sodas for the same price as their High Fructose Corn Syrup Counterparts unless Coke where you have to buy the more expensive Mexican Coke to avoid the HFCS.  They also offer other softdrink choices that Coca Cola many not have.  

Come up with a Logo

A logo is also a necessary part of branding yourself.  If you can’t think up of a logo, no worries, there are creative people online who can create a logo for you for little cost.  A good place to start is where you can pay someone pennies on the dollar to come up with a beautiful logo.  

Build a Website

I still cannot believe how many brick and mortar businesses there are that do not have a website.  If you don’t have a web presence, then you pretty much don’t have a business these days.  When I want to take my car to a mechanic or when I want to take my family out to dinner to a restaurant I have never eaten at, I always check google reviews.  If there is not website listed on that review, I don’t go to the restaurant.  I like to look at the menu online to get an idea of what food they serve, and it they can’t provide that information at my finger tips, then they don’t deserve my business.  

If you need more ideas on how to start an build your own brand through building your own website online, you should take a look at my Wealthy Affiliate Review.  It walks you through step by step how to start your website, setup your own dot com, and how to get traffic to your site.  

Up-End Your Competition with A+ Service to Your Clients

Study out your competition and see how they are doing on customer service.  If they are not offering very good customer service, you’re in luck because you can easily beat them in that.  

What if your competition already has excellent customer service?  You can do even better.  Learn from your competitor and make it better with your business.  Give customers and prospects a reason to work with you instead of the competitor.  

If Price is Your Number One Way to Stand Out, Then Your Brand Sucks  

You need to stand out from your competition, but price is the lowsiest way to stand out.  If you feel like the only thing you can do to fight against your competition is to undercut them in price, then your brand sucks, you’re not offering any more value than your competitors.  You need to find other ways to stand out and if you do this right, price will not matter.

Most people don’t really care about price.  They really don’t.  I can already hear all the used car salesmen calling me out on this, but trust me, most prospects don’t care about the price.  If you lost the sale to a competitor and your almost client told you they went with their competitor because they had a lower price, then they didn’t tell you the whole story.  They went with the competitor because you as a sale person did not sell yourself or your own brand to them and the other sales person at your competitor did.  

If price really mattered, why would people spend more money to buy a Honda Accord versus buying a Ford Fusion, which is in the same class of cars?  It’s because Honda has a stronger brand than Ford.  Nothing against Fords, but at the time that Fords were having a lot of problems with their cars and trucks, Hondas were becoming more and more reliable each year, so Honda developed the reputation of having the most reliable cars.  Ford is making a huge comeback and their cars are starting to compete more with Honda, but that’s another blog post for another day.  

if you have provide value to your prospects without undercutting on price, then you know you have a good brand.  If people are willing to spend more money on your product or service over your competitors, then you know you have an excellent brand. 

Serve Your Community and Stand Out

Another way to stand out is to serve your community.  You can volunteer selflessly with different projects in your city, or even in other countries.  A lot of time, this service will benefit the homeless, the trodden down in other countries.  When you do this, you develop a reputation of being generous, this will help boost your brand value a lot.  People love to do business with generous people.  

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