8 Online Network Marketing Tips Your Sponsor Won’t Tell You

Are you struggling to sponsor new recruits in your Network Marketing business?  Welcome to the 95%!!!  Now get the hell out!  I mean this with all the love in my heart!  You don’t belong in the 95%….You deserve much better!  It is time for you to join the 5% successful financially free!  Do you want to fire your boss in 2018?  Well, if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting….which for many of you is nothing.

  • Are you bugging your friends and family about your products or compensation plan?
  • Are you wasting money on worthless MLM leads?
  • Are you following the 3 foot rule?


It’s the 21st century!  There are better ways to build your business in 2018.  You need to learn how to build your business online and you need to learn how to do it right.  Do you want to learn how to build your business online?  Do you want to truly be able to work from home in your pajamas or in your underwear if you feel so inclined?  Then read on:

There are 8 Online Network Marketing tips that can propel you into success in 2018. The sad truth is, 95% will not follow these tips and that’s why 95% of people will fail in Network Marketing this year.

1. Pick the right Network Marketing Company

Even if you are already in a network marketing company, you need to ask yourself the following questions.

  • Are you passionate about your company?
  • Are you passionate about your products?
  • Are you passionate about your compensation plan?
  • Does your company have a good reputation?
  • Has your company been in business at least 5 years?

These are important questions, because without passion, you will lack confidence when you share your opportunity with others and they will sense that, even with the written word.  Your company needs to have a good reputation, in the 21st century people research companies all the time before they spend their hard earned cash. Longetivity is also important, what a bummer it would be if you built up this huge network marketing team only to have the company close it’s doors without warning.  Believe me, it happens.  Be sure to pick a company that is in a niche that interests you.

2. Pick the right Sponsor

Your sponsor can make or break your business.  You need to have a sponsor that will support you in building your business online.  Unfortunately a lot of sponsors are robots that repeat the mantra “make a list of your friends and family” and if you give them the idea that you want to build your business online, they will discourage you by telling you that “it’s not duplicatable.”

Your sponsor needs to at minimum support you in your endeavor to build your business online.  It would be preferable to have a sponsor who knows how to build a business online so they can support you, teach you, and mentor you.

3. Change your Mindset

To become successful more quickly, you need to change your mindset.  It’s not enough to just go through the motions of building your business if your mind is not in the right place.  You need to think like a millionaire, you need to change your ideas about money.  By the way, learning to do this is FUN!

The best way to do this is to read books and apply what you learn.  Two books I would recommend that you read are Rich Dad Poor Dad, and Cashflow Quadrant, both by Robert Kiyosaki.  If you don’t have time to read, buy the audio books and listen to them in your car or while your at work if they allow it.  I have read and listened to many books, and Robert Kiyosaki is by far the best author when it comes to breaking things down into simple concepts that anyone can comprehend.

4. Learn Online Marketing Skills

If you want to build your business the 21st century way, you must learn how to market online.  You need to learn how to build a website, you need to learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO), keyword strategies, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing and more.

It does sound daunting, believe me, I get it.  Thankfully there are websites and programs that teach these skills.  One that I recommend is Wealthy Affiliate as they teach you these skills in an easy-to-understand language and they make it fun!  There definitely is a learning curve, but if you master even just a couple of these skills, your financial life will be adundant!

5. Brand Yourself

It’s not about working systems that are duplicatable, it’s about branding yourself online.  Just like Nike, Coca-Cola, and McDonalds are their own brand, you too need to be your own brand.  When you brand yourself, you stand out from your competition.

What would you rather wear for running shoes?  A pair of Nike’s?  Or the less expensive running shoes from Wal-Mart?  How would you like to be perceived against your competition?  Do you want to be the Nike or the Wal-mart?  What can you offer the market that your competition can’t (or won’t)?  Here is a good article on branding at inc.com.

6. Be a Leader

Only leaders become financially free through Network Marketing.  Are you a leader?  If you don’t feel like you are, no worries.  Nobody is born a leader.  Leadership skills are learned and developed.

One of the best ways to be a leader that really doesn’t require any special skills is to lead by example.  You can start that today!  When you join your Network Marketing business, be a good example to your downline and to your prospects by working hard and staying positive.

Also, be there for your team and help them become very successful in their network marketing business, do not fall into the trap of recruiting a whole bunch of people and not training them or assisting them….don’t throw a bunch of mud at the wall to see what sticks.  You may make a lot of money in the short term, but in the long term you’ll go broke.

Your downline needs to want to be part of your team for the long haul, that’s how you will become successful.

A book that I recommend to get you started down the path of leadership in Network Marketing is Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard.

7. Set Goals and Write Them Down

When you start a Network Marketing business, the most important thing you can do is to set goals, write them down, and work your butt off.  Constantly take action with income producing activities.  If you are working hard on organizing your home office, or staring at the compensation, those activites are nice, but they are not helping you reach your goals and they are not income producing.

Income producing activities include posting blogs, writing new ads for facebook, or giving a business card to your checker at the grocery store.

Constantly take actions that will lead to more product sales and more sponsors.  Don’t fall into the trap of treating your business as a hobbie.  Treat it as a business just as you would if you opened a store in your city.

8. Have Fun and Be Positive

Sometimes is may feel like a grind to start your own website, to learn and practice SEO, or to research keywords.  You need to make this fun and you need to have a positive attitude.

Keep the end goal in mind.  If you practice these skills long enough, you will find online success!  Think of the house you could live in if you were making $20,000 per month from your online business. Think of the kind of car you could drive if you were making $50,000 per month.  Does that seem unrealistic? There are online marketers just like you and me that are making 10 times that amount!  Dream a little about how your life could be and then get to work!

Being positive and having fun will attract more customers and prospects to you.  Do you like to do business with fun and positive people?

That sums it up.  If you follow the above tips you will no longer have a struggling Network Marketing Business, you will have a thriving Network Marketing Internet Business and to me it would seem unlikely that you wouldn’t be successful, but like I said earlier, only 5% of Network Marketers will put in the consistent effort to follow these tips, which is why 95% will fail in Network Marketing this year.

Will you be part of the 95% or part of the 5%?  it’s entirely up to you….

What are your thoughts?  Do you agree? Do you disagree?  Please comment below:

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