ACN: The Dead Honest Truth…..Read before you join

ACN Information

Owner: Charles Barker


Headquarters: Concord, NC

Founded: 1993

Cost to join: $499

ACN Purpose

ACN provides utilities such as phone service through VOIP, energy, high-speed internet, home security, and Satellite TV sold through a Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing business model. When a representative signs up for ACN they are referred to as an Independent Business Owner (IBO) and they are authorized to sell these services to themselves and to others. IBOs earn a monthly residual commission based off their sales and if they sponsor IBOs on their team they can earn a monthly residual commission off their sponsored team members’ sales down through 7 levels.

4 Review Criteria

What I look for in a Network Marketing company such as ACN are the following criteria:

  1. Does it have a system that I can can follow?
  2. Will I have the ability to brand myself?
  3. Will I have a mentor or a support team?
  4. Does the Company stand the test of time? Have they been around at least 10 years or more?

Does ACN have a system that I can can follow?

ACN’s business model as well as many other MLM companies is to build your business through your warm market. You contact friends and family and attempt to sell them home phone VOIP service, Satellite TV, and/or high-speed internet and you also may sell them the business opportunity at ACN in order to sign them up as an IBO on your team.

Personally, I don’t consider tapping into your warm market a full business system that anyone can follow. In order to have a good and full business system in the 21st century, it must include training on how to build your business online. You would need to learn how to sponsor new IBOs through online marketing AND acquire new customers (non-IBOs) with ACN, which may prove tricky because ACN offers services that are already offered by so many competitors, and there is nothing that is really different that stands out with ACN’s services vs. the competition. For example, they sell high-speed internet through existing carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, and Century-Link. Why would some stranger sign up through you and ACN instead of signing up directly with AT&T or Verizon?

Really, the only way to acquire customers through ACN is through the warm market, since they will be more willing to do you a “favor” and sign up to be your customer when they can just sign up for Dish Network through Dish Network directly. If you suck with your warm market, you are screwed.

Will I have the ability to brand myself with ACN?

ACN them self does not train you to brand yourself, you are selling their services and in some cases other service providers such as AT&T and Dish Network. You can brand yourself with any business opportunity including ACN, but you best find a sponsor who can train you in branding yourself. When you brand yourself, you will be able to sponsor more easily, and strangers will be more willing to buy the services from you too, because they are buying from you and your brand, not from AT&T.

Will I have a Mentor or a Support Team with ACN?

If you are sponsored by a Mentoring type of sponsor, then yes, you will have a mentor with ACN or any other business opportunity. Does ACN have a support team? No, the company itself does not have a support team other than customer service, it’s important to join a winning team and a good sponsor if you want multiple people helping you to grow your business.

Does the ACN stand the test of time? Have they been around at least 10 years or more?

Yes, this is one of the pluses of ACN, they have been around 25 years at the time of by writing this. They have stood the test of time, while their previous competitors such as Excel Communications and Fortune High Tech Marketing have both fallen by the wayside.

Other Pros and Cons of joining ACN


  • You are selling products that people already use every day, you are not asking anyone to buy something they haven’t bought before or may not need
  • You would be joining an MLM company that has stood the test of time, the chances of them ever closing up shop are slim
  • You can earn a residual monthly income off your customers, and your team’s customers down through 7 levels, if you can build down that low, you can make some serious money in residual commissions


  • High starting cost at $499, even though this is way cheaper than buying a franchise, or building your own business from scratch, it is higher than a lot of other MLM companies
  • You have to be good and tight with your warm marketing as that is really the only way to acquire customers (non-IBOs), otherwise you may not have a very large customer base, which can significantly reduce your earnings.
  • Building up residual income from your customers and your downline customers takes a lot of time, and residuals will be tiny for the first while. There are weekly paid customer acquisition bonuses, but you must have 600 customers points between your own customers and those of your team, and that can take time too.

The Verdict

So, the verdict is that ACN is legit, it’s not a scam. However, you need to be good with your warm marketing in order to truly be successful and that leaves so many people out in the dust limiting not only them, but those who are trying to sponsor others into their business.

However, if you are looking to start an online business and you want a compensation plan that’s very simple and easy to understand, where you can brand yourself and have an easy to follow system, and you can completely suck with your warm market, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate. You can read by Dead Honest Review of Wealthy Affiliate here for more details.

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