The Worst Goal Ever! But almost everyone strives for it!

Are you guilty or have you been guilty of setting the worst goal ever for yourself? Chances are you have been guilty of this at one time or another, because the majority of people in western society strive for this goal.

What is it?

It is……………………….THE MIDDLE CLASS!

The middle class is the epitome of being average. It’s trying to be like everyone else, and in some cases trying to compete with everyone else.

Unfortunately this is the goal for most people living in the USA. The goal is to go to school, try to get straight A’s or at least close to it, participate in some extra curricular activities or some sports in high school, try to get a scholarship to a good college or university, obtain a bachelors or masters degree, possibly a PhD for some, just so you can go work for a big company, start out at a lower wage than what you were making while bar-tending part time during college, working your butt off at a job that you really don’t like, while kissing the rear end of your boss, just so you can have a chance at a promotion into management, all so that you can be comfortable, living an average life, living in an average house, living in an average neighborhood in the suburbs of an average city, while sending your kids to an average public school, taking average vacations, an average amount of time of once per year, to average destinations, flying in the average coach class of the airplane, staying in an average cramped hotel room, eating at average restaurants, only to return home from vacation back to your average life and average job!

Maybe you’re perfectly happy with this life style and you have absolutely no desire to improve your circumstances. If so, please keep reading because you need this information more than you know.

There are 4 reasons why shooting for the middle class should never be your goal and why you are often better off being poor than being in middle class:

  1. The middle class are the highest taxed
  2. The middle class does not qualify for most or any social programs
  3. The middle class has the least amount of control over their time
  4. The middle class still lives paycheck to paycheck like the poor

The middle class are the highest taxed

You might be tempted to disagree with me and tell me that the rich are the highest taxed people, and yet while it is true that the more money you make from a job, the higher percentage of tax that you pay, you are right there, but this is where it gets interesting:

The majority of rich people do not earn money from a job. The majority of the rich own their own business, and what more? Most of them have their businesses in a business entity such as a corporation or LLC. This allows them to make a crap load of money in their business, but write off their car, a part of their house, their trips, their vacations, and they pay themselves a very small salary from their business entity and they can end up paying very little if any money in taxes.

The majority of the middle class work in jobs, some of them high paying jobs, and they end up giving almost half of their money to the government before they even get paid. Those who are in the upper middle class making over $150,000 per year really get screwed on taxes.

The poor, well, just like the rich, they pay very little if any money in taxes.

The middle class does not qualify for most or any social programs

Unless you live in a socialist democratic country such as many of the countries in Western Europe, you will likely not qualify for any social programs at all, and if you do live in Europe, you are likely paying dearly for these social programs through your taxes.

The poor in the USA do qualify for free healthcare, free school lunches, discounted housing, and more.

The middle class, who live paycheck to paycheck just like the poor, sometimes resent the poor because they can get these programs while they as middle class folk cannot. They feel they should get those benefits too, or that the poor shouldn’t get them either because the middle class taxes pay for most of these programs.

The rich? Well, as we discussed, they don’t pay much in taxes, so they are not footing much of the bill for these social programs.

The middle class has the least amount of control over their time

Who works the longest hours? If you said that the rich do? You may be right in some cases, but in most cases, the ultra rich actually work fewer hours than the higher paid middle class. Even if the rich do work lots of hours, they still have control over their time.

With the middle class, the more successful they are in their jobs, the higher up they move in the company. The higher up they move, the more responsibility they have, the more responsibility they have, the more hours they have to work and the less control they have over their time.

The poor? Most of them work 40 hours per week, and quite a few of them work much less than that.

The middle class still lives paycheck to paycheck like the poor

One thing the poor and the middle class have in common? They both live paycheck to paycheck. As the middle class work their way up in income, their expenses usually go up with it (sometimes faster). Their debt usually goes up too. Even the high end of the middle class lives paycheck to paycheck. Let’s look at California. The high end of the middle class there is around $130,000/year right now. That may seem like a lot of money to some of you, but consider this:

The average cost of a house in a San Diego suburb is about $650,000 right now. That will get you a 3 bedroom home in a decent neighborhood.

With principal, interest, taxes, insurance, and mortgage insurance, the payment will be around $4300 per month.

$130,000 per year is $10,833 per month. Take away taxes and you are at $7000 per month after taxes. Take away $4300 more the mortgage, about $700 for two car payments, that leaves you about $2000 left for groceries, insurance, entertainment, utilities, gas for your car etc etc. Do you see how easily that money can go POOF? Especially in CA where everything cost more?

Many of the rich have learned the art of making money on demand, so if they run out of money, they can literally run a sales campaign and make a lot of money in a short time. They don’t live paycheck to paycheck.

One of the best ways to make money on demand is to learn the skills necessary to start an online business. When you can learn the skills of online marketing including SEO, Pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, and email marketing, you can create money on demand. One of the best training platforms for learning all skills related to online marketing is Wealthy Affiliate. Although there are a lot of training programs out there, this one by far has the best value, is one of the most in depth, and best of all you can work at your own pace.

What are your thoughts? Please comment below.

Rich Dad Poor Dad – Is It Worth the Read?

I will now be writing book reviews on the success and finance books that I read and I will be giving them my honest opinion, the good and the not so good.  I read books or listen to audiobooks often, and you should too.  One thing that almost all wealthy people have in common is they read 50 to 100 books per year.  Although they will mix the books up between fiction and non-fiction, most of their books are non-fiction success books.

Rich Dad Poor Dad  by Robert Kiyosaki is one of the first success books I read when I started out in my first Network Marketing company and it opened my eyes and forever changed the way I look at money.

The Best Book for Beginner Entrepreneurs

Whenever anyone is starting out in the world of Entrepreneurship, whether that me their own brick and mortar business, network marketing, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, or buying a franchise, I always recommend that one of the first steps they take is to buy Rich Dad Poor Dad and read it all the way through fairly slowly.  This is one of those books that will change the way you think about money forever, so take youre time going through it so you can absorb as much as possible.

This book starts you building the foundation of financial intelligence that you can build upon with additional success books and with the experiences you will go through as your are building your business and working toward financial freedom.

Great Writing Style – Easy to Follow

Robert writes everything in a way where it is easy to follow and easy to understand.  There is no author out there who can make any concept so simple like Robert Kiyosaki does in all of this books including Rich Dad Poor Dad.  This book is written with stories, mostly about Robert’s life as a young boy and a teenager when we had what he considered to be two dads.

One dad, who was is own father, he referred to as his Poor Dad, and then is best friend’s father, who he referred to as his Rich Dad.  Both Dads started out poor, his own father, his poor dad worked his way up in the education arena in the state of Hawaii and made pretty decent money, his friend’s father, his rich dad built businesses and bought real estate investments. In the end his poor dad ended up broke and his rich dad ended up being one of the richest men in Hawaii.

He takes the lessons he learned from his rich dad and his poor dad and tells about his in this book.  These lessons apply to you and I.

Not an Instructional Book

Rich Dad Poor Dad is not a book of step by step instructions on how to get rich.  None of Robert Kiyosaki’s books are instructional.  Most of them work to change your mindset about money and finances.  Some people look at this as a con instead of a pro.  I see it as a pro.  Mindset plays a huge part in whether you’re successful or not in the entrepreneurial world.

If you have a poor person’s mindset, you need to change your mindset to that of a rich person’s mindset and Robert Kiyosaki does this through his books including Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Robert Kiyosaki does not believe in giving step by step instructions on how to get rich.  He sees them as useless unless someone has changed their mindset first.  In other words, if you have a poor person’s mindset, following any step by step instructions to become rich will ultimately lead to failure, unless first that person’s mindset has been transformed to that of a rich person.

The Verdict

I honestly do not have any negative opinions of Rich Dad Poor Dad.  Robert Kiyosaki is in my opinion one of the best authors in the world. I have read and listened to many success books out there, and nobody comes even close to Robert Kiyosaki when it comes to readability, attention grabbing, and motivating.

I get that most success minded individuals out there have already read Rich Dad Poor Dad, but if you haven’t read it yet, it should be the next book you read.  Whatever you may have heard about the book, good or bad, still read the book anyway and come up with your own opinion on the book.

Robert Kiyosaki writes several good books, but Rich Dad Poor Dad should be the first book to read of his, because like I said above, it builds the foundation of financial intelligence.  The second book by Robert Kiyosaki that you must read is Cashflow Quadrant.  All other books written by Robert Kiyosaki build upon these two foundational books.

The third book I recommend reading is one that is in your business industry.  If you are into Network Marketing, I recommend reading The Business School for People who Like Helping People.  If you are into Real Estate investing, I recommend reading one of his few Real Estate investing books.



Free Keyword Tools

There are several free keyword tools across the internet.  Google offers a free keyword tool, for example.  Even though there are several choices, not all keyword tools are created equal.  The owners of Wealthy Affiliate University created a free keyword tool on steroids.  This tool is called Jaaxy.  It not only allows you to see different variations of the keywords you put in, it also ranks them in different categories so you know how likely a certain keyword will rank your website in the search engines.

If your AGV is above 30, your QSR is 100 or below, and your SEO is 90 or above, then you know you have a keyword that is more likely to rank in the search engines. Try out the Jaaxy Keyword Tool for yourself and see what you think:

As you can see, Jaaxy is the best free keyword tool out there.  Although the free account does limit your keyword searches to only 30, you can upgrade to “lite” for free if you are a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and lite gives you unlimited keywords.

Keywords – The right way and the wrong way

There is the right way and the wrong way to work with keywords.  if you use them the right way, then you are helping your website to rank well in the search engines and you can start producing traffic for your website.  If you use keywords the wrong way, not only are you not helping your website to rank well in the search engines, you are actually causing Google and other search engines to dislike your sight.

The right way

The right way to work with keywords is to use a really good tool such as Jaaxy.  Type in the search term you want to use, follow the scoring model I layed out for you above, and pick those key phrases that will help you rank best.  Examine each key phrase and make sure that it is grammatically correct and that it’s not awkward.  Once you have chosen one to three keywords and key phrases, emplement them into your website or your blog post.

Make sure that you are adding them to a sentence or phrase and make sure it sounds natural and that it doesn’t sound awkward when you read the sentence with the key phrase out loud.

Make sure to only emplement between one and three key phrases per blog post to avoid.

The wrong way

The wrong way to work with keywords is to do any of the following:

  • creating webpages or blog posts that are full of different random keywords, 3 should be the max per blog post
  • using keywords and phrases that are not grammitcally correct or have misspelled words
  • creating blog posts or webpages that use keywords and key phrases in an awkward way, or in a way that does not flow naturally
  • creating a webpage or a blog post solely for the purpose of creating keywords.  Your blog posts and webpages needs to have a real purpose to them, and that purpose should be to engage readers and build trust.

Not only will making any of the four mistakes above prevent your website from ranking well in the search engines such as Google and Yahoo, these search engines will actually dislike your website and punish you.  Even if you have a good blog post or webpage within your website where everything is done correctly, it will still not rank because the rest of your website is a keyword mess.

Even if the search engines were okay with the 4 keyword blunders listed above and they still ranked you well.  Visitors to your website would not enjoy the content on your site.

Your primary goal is to attract traffic to your website and to keep them there with well thought out, well organized, and interesting content.  If you can keep them engaged, they will comment on your posts, which will increase your rankings with the search engines and make you an authority figure in your chosen niche.

Remember to use good keywords and key phrases, but limit them, make them flow naturally within sentences in your blog post or webpages, and make your number one goal to create interesting content.

Remember this: If you ever have to make a choice between interesting content and a strong keyword or key phrase, it is always better  to go with interesting content, because very often your content will already have good keywords that you don’t even know about and YES, you will have to make a choice between the two sometimes.

Knowing how to use keywords is one of the important aspects of SEO.  Other aspects are making your website look good and inviting, adding content regularly, and having people engage with you through comments, and much more.  If you want to be an expert in SEO and really learn to how to master SEO, one of the best training platforms out there is Wealthy Affiliate.  Also, with a Wealthy Affiliate premium membership, you can upgrade to Jaaxy lite, which will give you unlimited keyword searches.

Please let me know what you think and share any experiences you have had with keyword research.  Comment below.

The Secret Key to Your Success

What if someone told you that there is one big secret key to success.  Would you want to know about it?  Well, there is one big secret to success.  It’s one that very few people follow, it is often the number one reason for failure in Business, for failure in Network Marketing, and because this principal is not followed by many, most quit before they can become successful. 

Do you want to know the secret?  Here it is;


That’s it!  Sorry that it’s not some grandiose over dramatized secret of the universe!  It’s simple, and anyone can do it, they only have to choose to do it. 

Persistence is the key to success.  Most who follow this principal eventually end up successful.  Some take longer than others, sometimes a lot longer than others.  Yet, I have seen some of the least likely people reach financial freedom because they were simply persistent in achieving their goals for a very long time.  

I don’t want to give you the wrong idea about persistence.  It’s not repeating bad or ineffective methods hoping that someday they’ll work to your advantage.  

Persistence includes making corrections along the way

When you are persistent, you are also learning.  Most importantly you are learning from your mistakes and from the mistakes of others.  You will make mistakes, then you will make changes until you find the right way that will bring you to success faster.  Persistence is not always consistent, you must adapt, adjust, split test, and change as you are persistently achieving your goals  Having a Mentor will significantly speed up the process of learning from your mistakes and fine-tuning your skills to that of a successful person.  With Wealthy Affiliate, you get mentors and a support team to help you along the way.  

Persistency does not discriminate

It doesn’t matter if you are fat or skinny, tall or short, ugly or beaitful, rich or poor.  Persistency will always lead you to success, and the lack of persistency will aways lead to failure.  

I know of a man, we will call him Peter in this story.  From the outside, Peter seemed like the least likely person to achieve success and even financial freedom.  He was not very tall, but very thin and wirey, he had a huge and noticable gap between his teeth, he wore these thick glasses (no I am not hating on those who wear glasses as I wear them too), and he had a very strange personalily, he was friendly, but very awkward and goofy.  

Peter was in on my side-line when I was an independent distributor with the Network Marketing company Excel Communications (before they went out of business).  He had been a independent distributor for the company for several years and he was not having a lot of success.  He had a small downline organization, but a decent number of personal customers.  And he was still working a day job and there were people that joined the company as distributors long after him that were successful and financially free within a couple of years. 

Now, most people would have given up at this point calling themselves failures, because they couldn’t grow their organization while others coming in the business after them were succeeding while they were not.  

Peter is not most people.  Peter was persistent.  He didn’t let the fact that newer people than he were succeeding faster than he was bother him.  He stuck to his own goals, worked persistenty, and did not give up.  

One day after a little more than a year that I met Peter, when I was attending our weekly Tuesday night business opportunity meeting, the host of the meeting called Peter up to the front to publically congratulate Peter for reaching the rank of “Senior Director”, this is usually the rank where most distributors are able to walk away from their day job and enter the world of financial independence.  Apparently over the previous 3 months, Peter’s business exploded.  He personally sponsored a few more key players, who grew their downlines and customer base at lighting speed.  Motivated by their success, his other downline members began following suit and building their downline.  

A year prior when I met Peter, he was literally 3 feet from gold.  If he would have quit like most people would have at this point, we would have not realized the explosive growth that came as a result of his being persistent and would have returned back to a life of mediocrity and failure.  Instead he stuck with it and continued to believe in himself, and the Universe rewarded him accordingly.  

Persistence must be accompanied by a positve attitude

You can be persisent, learn from your mistakes, and keep on persuing your goals, but you must have a positive attitude during the journey.  In the story above, Peter was a positive person, always, I never saw him down and he was always thankful for the small successes he was making, and because he was thankful, the universe opened the doors of abunance leading him up to the promotion to Senior Director a year later.  

The Take Away

If there is anything I would like to see you take away from this blog post, it would be this:

If Peter can do it, you can do it.  If you have failed in the past, it’s because you were not persistent.  If you make a decision today to be persisent and to never give up on your goals, you too will have financial success, it may be just around the corner, or it still may take you a few years more. Either way, if you give up, you fail, if you remain persistent, you will be successful.  

Brand Yourself and Stand Out

When you start a business online, it’s not enough to just get to work.  You need to brand yourself first, and build up that brand as you work.  Branding yourself is one of the 8 Online Network Marketing techniques in order to build your business online.  

What is branding yourself?  The best way to answer that question is to first look around at businesses in your community, take a look at businesses in your state or province, and take a look at the big megabusinesses across your country.  What do you notice?  Do any of these businesses stand out?  Are they famous?  Are they unique?  What product or service do they offer that their competitors don’t offer?  

When you brand yourself, you must:

Offer Something that Your Competitors Don’t Offer

Let’s take a look at a really well known brand; Pepsi Cola company also known as PepsiCo.  What does Pepsi offer that their competitors don’t offer?  First thing we have to ask is who are Pepsi’s competitors?  Coca Cola Company is the most obvious one.  RC Cola is a less obvious one, then there are all the generic store brands of soda, such as Shasta, Sams from Walmart and Sam’s Club, Big K from Kroger branded stores, and many others.  

What does Pepsi offer that those competitors don’t offer?  Well, going up against the store brands, PepsiCo offers a better flavor.  Against Coca Cola and RC Cola, it offers the option of Sodas with Nature Sugar instead of High Fructose Corn Syrup in the form of Pepsi with Real Sugar and Mountain Dew Throwback, and you can buy these sodas for the same price as their High Fructose Corn Syrup Counterparts unless Coke where you have to buy the more expensive Mexican Coke to avoid the HFCS.  They also offer other softdrink choices that Coca Cola many not have.  

Come up with a Logo

A logo is also a necessary part of branding yourself.  If you can’t think up of a logo, no worries, there are creative people online who can create a logo for you for little cost.  A good place to start is where you can pay someone pennies on the dollar to come up with a beautiful logo.  

Build a Website

I still cannot believe how many brick and mortar businesses there are that do not have a website.  If you don’t have a web presence, then you pretty much don’t have a business these days.  When I want to take my car to a mechanic or when I want to take my family out to dinner to a restaurant I have never eaten at, I always check google reviews.  If there is not website listed on that review, I don’t go to the restaurant.  I like to look at the menu online to get an idea of what food they serve, and it they can’t provide that information at my finger tips, then they don’t deserve my business.  

If you need more ideas on how to start an build your own brand through building your own website online, you should take a look at my Wealthy Affiliate Review.  It walks you through step by step how to start your website, setup your own dot com, and how to get traffic to your site.  

Up-End Your Competition with A+ Service to Your Clients

Study out your competition and see how they are doing on customer service.  If they are not offering very good customer service, you’re in luck because you can easily beat them in that.  

What if your competition already has excellent customer service?  You can do even better.  Learn from your competitor and make it better with your business.  Give customers and prospects a reason to work with you instead of the competitor.  

If Price is Your Number One Way to Stand Out, Then Your Brand Sucks  

You need to stand out from your competition, but price is the lowsiest way to stand out.  If you feel like the only thing you can do to fight against your competition is to undercut them in price, then your brand sucks, you’re not offering any more value than your competitors.  You need to find other ways to stand out and if you do this right, price will not matter.

Most people don’t really care about price.  They really don’t.  I can already hear all the used car salesmen calling me out on this, but trust me, most prospects don’t care about the price.  If you lost the sale to a competitor and your almost client told you they went with their competitor because they had a lower price, then they didn’t tell you the whole story.  They went with the competitor because you as a sale person did not sell yourself or your own brand to them and the other sales person at your competitor did.  

If price really mattered, why would people spend more money to buy a Honda Accord versus buying a Ford Fusion, which is in the same class of cars?  It’s because Honda has a stronger brand than Ford.  Nothing against Fords, but at the time that Fords were having a lot of problems with their cars and trucks, Hondas were becoming more and more reliable each year, so Honda developed the reputation of having the most reliable cars.  Ford is making a huge comeback and their cars are starting to compete more with Honda, but that’s another blog post for another day.  

if you have provide value to your prospects without undercutting on price, then you know you have a good brand.  If people are willing to spend more money on your product or service over your competitors, then you know you have an excellent brand. 

Serve Your Community and Stand Out

Another way to stand out is to serve your community.  You can volunteer selflessly with different projects in your city, or even in other countries.  A lot of time, this service will benefit the homeless, the trodden down in other countries.  When you do this, you develop a reputation of being generous, this will help boost your brand value a lot.  People love to do business with generous people.  

Make Money Online? Or Make Money Flipping Houses?

Shoud you try to make money online?  Or should you try to make money flipping houses?  That is the question.  And what’s the answer?  It depends on who you ask.  

If you go to a Network Marketing meeting, they will tell you that flipping houses is too risky and that the safe way to go is with Network Marketing.  

If you go to a Real Estate Investing Seminar or a Real Estate Investing Club, they will tell you that it takes to long to make money in Network Marketing and that you can make bigger money faster flipping houses.  

There are no wrong answers…… really depends on what your style is.  You can make money doing either.  

Here is my take

I like having the ability to make a full time income working from my home computer, laptop, or even my phone.  How great it would be to be able to make a full time income and be able to live anywhere in the world where I can get a high speed internet connection and make money.  

People are doing that already.  I know of some internet marketers who live in on the beach in Thailand and who live like kings and queens making only $2000 per month.  They don’t have to worry about commuting to work, they don’t have to worry about cold weather or snow, or having to commute to work through snow….yuck!!!  A lot of them only work 10 to 20 hours per week and spend the rest of their time relaxing on the beach eating delicious food and drinking delicious cocktails. 

On the other hand, I know seasoned Real Estate Investors who have developed a good eye for finding a very ugly and hopelessly battered house and they can get theirs hands on these homes for pennies on the dollar.  They have a team of remodelers, handymen, and contracters who can fix up this hopeless home into a beautiful remodeled home for $30,000 to $40,000 worth of work, then they can still sell it for a slight discount, and still walk away with $20,000 to $200,000 worth of profit in their pocket.  

There is one thing in common between making money online and making money flipping houses:

There is a learning curve

Just like you will probably not make money immediately starting an Online Business or a Network Marketing Business, you will not make money immediately in Real Estate Investing either.  Both require training, both require time and patience.  

Here are some differences between making money by flipping houses and making money online:

  • You can work an online business from anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection, with Real Estate Investing, flipping houses, or even wholesaling houses for the most part requires you to live in or withing a few hours drive of your housing market.  I know there ads floating around the internet teaching you how to flip houses and invest in Real Estate anywhere in the country from the comfort of your own computer (you know, without having to leave your house), but investing in Real Estate you can’t see, touch, and smell sounds scary and risky to me.  
  • Investing in Real Estate requires you to spend time and gas driving the different neighborhoods, pounding on doors, getting yelled at for doing the latter, or hiring a wholesaler or birddog to go find deals for you.  The problem with the latter is that many beginners are attracted to wholesaling and birddogging and haven’t developed the knack of finding a good deal.  If you start an internet based business or even if you join a network marketing firm, you do not ever have to leave your home to find prospects.  You can do literally all of it from your computer if you want.  
  • If you have a full time day job and you decide to start investing in Real Estate, you will need to drive the neighorhoods and knock on doors during the evenings and weekends looking for deals.  If you have a an online business, you also need to work evenings and weekends.  So what’s the difference?  During the winter months after we have set our clocks back an hour, it gets dark anywhere from 5pm to 6pm depending on where you live.  Some places further north get dark even earlier than 5.  It’s hard to find ugly homes when you can’t see, and people don’t like you knocking on their doors in the evening, ESPECIALLY when it’s dark.  
  • You can make a huge amount of money off of only one Real Estate Deal, while it takes time to earn a residual income with an online business.  
  • BUT, the risk is greater with Real Estate Investing, I have heard of investors getting a deal that they thought was a gold mine, but turned out to be a tar pit and they lost over $100,000.  In an Online Business, you will likely lose only a few hundred dollars at the most, if you lose more than that, you are doing something wrong.  
  • In Real Estate Investing, your client/prospect base will only be those who are in your local housing market, or those who want to move into your market, if you start an online business, your prospects and clients can potentially be anybody in the world.

Where do I Stand?

I prefer having the ability to live anywhere I want in the world, and to market to prospects anywhere in the world.  With an online business, I can do that.  I also don’t like knocking on doors or driving around endlessly looking for a hot investment deal and having to negotiate with sellers.  I totally get that a good real estate investment deal can potentially make me tens of thousands of dollars from a single transaction, but where there is greater reward, there is also greater risk.  

I am currently working an online business now through an Affiliate Marketing Training platform known as Wealthy Affiliate.  Not only do they teach you how to make money online, they also teach all the ins and outs of Internet Marketing, such as SEO, keywords, email marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc.  

Do you agree with me?  Comment below.  

Do you disagree with me?  Do you believe Real Estate Investing and Houseflipping is where it’s at?  Comment below.  

Set Goals, Set More Goals, and Write Them Down!

Setting goals is one of several ingredients required for success, especially entrepreneurial success.  In fact, setting goals is the most important ingredient, because if you do not have goals, none of the other ingredients do anything for you.  You are like a ship without a rudder riding through the Carribean during hurricane season if you do not have goals.  You may have all the drive, all the tools, a vehicle, but without a rudder, you are bound to capsize and sink.

So, with that being said, I find it amazing that there are people out there who set these great and lofty goals, but they don’t write them down.  Here is the most important ingredient in in your future success and you don’t even write them down and you wonder why you are struggling to be successful.  I don’t get it…..

The term “Unwritten Goals” is synonymous with “Fake Goals”.  If you have a whole bunch of goals, and none of them are written down, then you don’t have goals.  Plain and simple.  You are a ship without a rudder in the Carribean.

Now that I have likely overemphasized the point of writing goals down, we need to know how to set goals the right way, and take action.  Forget about S.M.A.R.T. goals.  B.E.S.T. goals is where it’s at!  Yes, I know, I am borrowing S and T from S.M.A.R.T., but I promise to give them back…..

Goals need to be

  1. Believable
  2. Exciting
  3. Specific
  4. Timed


When you set goals, you need to be able to believe that you have the ability to accomplish them.  Do you not feel very confident that you can accomplish them?  Many experts would tell you that you need to lower your goals to and make them more “achievable”.

HOGWASH!  That’s what mediocre people do, I have a better idea.

Work on raising your belief and confidence in yourself instead.  Realize that you are far more capable than you realize to achieve great things in life.

How do you raise your belief in yourself?

First, determine why you don’t feel confident that you can achieve a specific goal.

Second, determine what you need to do to raise your confidence in that area.  If you feel that your are lacking certain skills, you can work on them and become strong in those skills.  This should probably be a goal you should add to your existing list of goals.

Once you raise your belief level, you can write down more lofty goals and you will have the belief and confidence you need to achieve them.  You can keep doing this over and over again until you have the confidence to shoot for the stars.


Your goals need to excite you, and I mean really excite you!  The problem I have with the S.M.A.R.T. goal system is that it makes goal setting really dull and unmotivating.  It’s also limiting.

What do you think Thomas Edison would have done if he only wrote down goals that were achievable?  Do you think he would have invented the light bulb?  Hell no!  Thomas Edison made a goal to create the impossible, a light that did not require the use of a candlestick and a match.  People of his day thought he was NUTS!  Edison expanded his belief and confidence in himself and made a goal that was “unachievable”, except he actually achieved it.

How much money do you want to make?  Do you want to make an extra “achievable” monthly income of $800 from your online business?  Or do you want to make the seemingly impossible $800,000 per month?  Both are achievable, but will likely need to increase your belief in yourself to achieve the latter.  Here’s a start to increasing your belief.  There are people making that much money online today, the question is, do you want to be one of them?

There’s a saying I once heard from a top Network Marketer:

“If you shoot for the clouds, you will find yourself on the ground, if you shoot for the stars, you will land on the clouds”

Shoot higher than what you believe you can achieve, and raise your belief in yourself.


It’s never enough to just say “I want to make a lot of money in 2018”.  How much money do you want to make in 2018?

You need to come up with an actual figure.  But, remember to choose an amount that excites you, one that is above your current belief system and then increase your belief enough to reach that number.

Once you have written down that number, you need to keep it with you.  Refer to your list of goals often.  The more you think about your specific goals, the more you will take the necessary actions that are necessary to achieve your goal.


Your goals need to be timed out.  If you have a specific goal to make $300,000 in your online business this year, you need to determine by what time you want to accomplish this goal.  I always recommend giving your self a 3 month buffer.  If you want to make $300,000 this year, set a goal to have it accomplished by the 1st of October.  This way if you fall short, you still have 3 more months to fill in the gap.

You also need to set smaller monthly goals that will lead up to your bigger main goal. Then break these monthly goals down into weekly and daily goals.  Accomplishing your daily goals will propel you to achieve your weekly goals.  Achieving your weekly goals will propel you to achieve your monthly goals.  Monthly goals will help you achieve your yearly goals.  Finally, achieving your yearly goals will propel you to achieve your lifetime goals.

Wrap up

Having specific and timed goals will allow you to create a plan of action and steps that you can follow to achieve your goals.  Your plan of action should be a changable and alterable plan that you can adjust and tweek as needed.

Remember, remember, to write down your goals.  Even following the B.E.S.T goal strategy will do you no good at all if you do not write down your goals.

Let me know what you think.  Do you agree?  Do you have your own way of making goals that’s different?  Please comment below:

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