Are Your Political Beliefs Keeping You Poor?

WARNING: This is a contreversial post, if you are easily offended, brace yourself, and keep reading, because you out of all people especially need to read this.  

If you think this post is an advertisement to join a particular political party, it’s not, I promise.  I really don’t care what anyone’s political persuasion is and neither does the market.  What I really do care about is making sure that you are successful in your entrepreneurial endeavors, and I do this by posting thought-provoking, high quality content with hopes that you can take something from it and apply it to your business.

Now, why am I writing about politics?  I am doing so because politics is becoming too big a part of people’s daily lives to the point where it is detrimental to their success.  Have you checked your Facebook newsfeed recently?  Every other post is a political post.  It seems that’s all people think about and talk about these days, and some people make multiple political posts per day.

This is mostly a problem within the USA, maybe not so much outside the USA, I don’t know, but either way:

If you spend all, or even half of your free time “studying” politics, you are keeping yourself poor.  You can achieve financial freedom, or you can be a knowledgeable political buff who can win all political arguments, but you can’t do both.

Devoting your time to politics is detrimental to your entrepreneurial success for at least 4 reasons:

1. It’s a waste of time

I know people who literally devote their lives to politics in their free time.  When they’re in the car, they are listening to Sean Hannity or Rachel Maddow, when the’re home, they keep the TV on Fox News or CNN and some even go as far as recording their political shows and watching them.  Then they get fed these ideas and they think they know everything and they blabber all over Facebook, and they lose time, they lose friends, and eventually they lose themselves.

2. It makes you a negative person

Show me an absolutely miserable person, and I will show you a junkie who is off their crack high, or I will show you a political junkie.  These political shows, whether they be on the radio or on TV are hate-mongering shows.  They teach you to hate those who don’t think like you do, even if they are not doing so directly, they sure are doing it indirectly.

There’s a saying that goes “nobody wants to do business with a jackass” and if you get over involved in politics, you turn into a jackass that nobody want to associate with.  When you’re a negative person, nobody wants to associate with you except negative people, which leads me into my 3rd reason:

3. It makes you lose friends

Okay, be honest with me.  How many of you have ever made a political post on Facebook and then noticed that your friend count dropped shortly thereafter?  Do you think you can possibly run an online business and have people upset at you?  Face it, people treat politics the same way they treat religion, I’m not quite sure why.

Just remember, if you spout off your political views everywhere you go and with everyone you talk to, people are going to get angry with you.  They may not even realize it, they may pretend to agree with you only to talk about you later with their love one.

4. It makes you lose the ability to think for yourself

Political shows are a minor form of thought-control.  Yes, they basically teach you how and what to think.  Do you think this sounds crazy?  Go up to a political junkie and try to challenge their political belief and listen to their response.  Go up to another political junkie in the same political party and challenge their political belief.  You will likely get the same scripted and rehearsed answer.  Why is that?  Because they watch the same programs on TV and they automatically believe everything they hear, because their party never lies, only the other party lies.

How can anybody have the discipline to run their own business if they allow their mind to be controlled by others?

What you should do instead

The first thing you should do is come face to face with yourself and determine your political beliefs.  Determine why you feel the way you do, and don’t give it another thought.  You’re political beliefs are not a pet, they don’t need to be fed.

If you are in the habit of listening to political shows in your car during your commute, replace those political shows with self development or business training audio books.  You know, listen to something that will actually help you improve.  Listening to self development books or courses will make you start to think positively you will become a positive person.  People like doing business with positive people.

When you’re at home, turn the TV off, or at least change the channel away from the political trash.  Read self development books, learn new skills in your spare time, and if you’re feeling motivated, start a home-based business that you can work in your spare time.

If you were to replace all the wasted time spent on politics with self development, you would undoubtably see a nice increase in your income.

The bottom line is that you are responsible for your own success.  It doesn’t matter who the President is or who your state governer is.  Success comes from within.  Far too many people look outside of themselves for success and they make excuses such as “well, I’m not successful because Obama is the President”, or I’m poor because Donald Trump hates poor people, ” or “Bush ruined the economy.”  They are excuses.  Leave such excuses for the poor political junkies who see their President as a Diety, and take control of your own life.

This will be the only political blog post I will make, because as your know; Politics and Business don’t mix.  What are your thoughts?  Do you agree? Do you disagree?  Please comment below:


LegalShield Review 2018: The Dead Honest Truth…

LegalShield Information

Owner: Jeff Bell (formerly Harland Stonecipher)


Headquarters: Ada, OK

Founded: 1972

Cost to join: $99, or $249 with LegalShield Advantage included for 1 year

LegalShield Purpose

The purpose of LegalShield is to provide the average person with access to the legal system, which at one time was only available to the wealthy through a Legal Insurance Plan known as LegalShield.  Just as car repairs after a car accident can cost thousands of dollars, a legal problem can easily cost thousands of dollars too, but if you spread out that risk through insurance, suddenly a very poor person has access to an attorney.

4 Review Criterias

What I look for in a Network Marketing company such as LegalShield are the following criteria:

  1. Does it have a system that I can can follow?
  2. Will I have the ability to brand myself?
  3. Will I have a mentor or a support team?
  4. Does the Company stand the test of time? Have they been around at least 10 years or more?

Does LegalShield have a system that I can can follow?

LegalShield does claim to have a system you can follow that is said to be duplicatible, the issue I find with this is the same issue I find with other network marketing companies such as Amway, that is they only teach you to make that list of everybody you know and to call them and market LegalShield services and the opportunity to them.  It’s a one size fits all approach that keeps 95% of network marketers struggling and failing in their business.

In the 21st century it’s important to be able to market your business opportunity and the products and/or services effectively to your cold market through effective techniques.  Most MLM businesses fail to teach this to their independent representatives and only teach them the “one size fits all” “Who do you know?” approach.

If you really want to join LegalShield or any other business and be able to effectively learn to do it online, your best bet would be to find a Sponsor who is already doing this himself or herself and join to join their team.  Another issue though that will come up is the fact that some states require you to have an insurance license to sell LegalShield, and unless you are willing to fork out the time and money to do this, you are working within a more limited market.

Will I have the ability to brand myself with LegalShield?

LegalShield’s business system itself does not allow you to brand yourself.  All representatives are taught to follow a similar system of building your business, which makes it hard for any individual to stand out.  You must learn to brand yourself and stand out from everyone else that’s pitching their opportunity.

You should ask yourself the following questions:

How am I different from all the other representatives out there who are promoting their business opportunity?

What can I offer my prospects that nobody else can offer?

There are thousands of reps within hundreds of MLM and Affiliate Programs, why should someone join me on my downline versus anyone else?

Will I have a Mentor or a Support Team with LegalShield?

If you have a Good Sponsor who comes from a strong organization, you will always have a strong mentor and a strong support team.  If you find that you have joined a weak sponsor with a weak team, your only point form of a support team is LegalShield customer service.

Now, unlike other MLM companies, LegalShield does offer trainings on leadership and business building during meetings on weekends in Hotel conference rooms and online, but they can still do better.

However, it’s very important that you find an excellent sponsor who can recruit you, train you, and be with you through the thick and thin of your MLM career.

Does the LegalShield stand the test of time? Have they been around at least 10 years or more?

Some say that a Network Marketing company or Affiliate Program needs to be in business at least 10 years to stand the test of time.  In other words the chance of the business going under or closing up shop is significantly reduced once the business passes the 10 year mark.

One of the positives of LegalShield is they have been around since 1972, so they are in it for the long haul, they have been in it for the long haul.  The chances of LegalShield going out of business are slim to none.

Other Pros and Cons of joining LegalShield


  • LegalShield has been around for over 40 years and are likely not to go out of business anytime soon
  • low start up costs compared to other MLM opportunities, as low as $99
  • better training on being a business owner than most opportunities
  • They offer low cost services that most people need
  • The Compensation plan pays daily, which is good for those who need fast cash


  • Business Opportunity and services are only available in the USA and Canada, thereby giving you a small market to work with
  • They heavily emphasize the need to grow your business through friends and family, when this business building method only works for a small percentage of network marketers, hence the high failure rate
  • They do not teach online marketing techniques such as branding, SEO, email marketing. Social Network Marketing etc. All necessary skills you need to succeed in business today.
  • Even though the compensation plan pays daily, it is complicated when you get into the bonuses that you can earn in the higher ranks, for some this is a turn off as it makes it difficult to set specific measure financial goals.


So, here is the Dead Honest Truth review of LegalShield.  The good news is, they are legit, they are a legit business that has helped countless people who have found themselves in legal trouble.  However, when it comes to using LegahShield as a vehicle to reach financial freedom, I have to give them a low score for the reasons above.

However, if you are looking to start an online business and you want a compensation plan that’s very simple and easy to understand, where you can brand yourself and have an easy to follow system that teaches you online marketing skills, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate. You can read my Dead Honest Review of Wealthy Affiliate here for more details.

GDI Review 2018: The Dead Honest Truth…

Global Domains International (GDI) Information

Owners: Michael Starr & Alan Ezeir


Headquarters: Carlsbad, CA USA

Founded: 2000

Cost to join: $10 per month after 7 day free trial

GDI Purpose

Global Domains International, otherwise known as GDI for short is in the domain name and webhosting business and is the original domain registrar for the .ws domain name.  As the very common domain names of .com, .net, and .org are becoming increasingly competitive, the .ws domain name is an attractive alternative anyone can use.  Although the .ws domain name is the primary domain name for the nation of Samoa (just as .ru is for Russia and .es for Spain) GDI also refers to it as the acronym for website.

The domain names registration service is sold through a mult-level marketing (MLM) payout system down through 5 levels.  A person can purchase a domain name and he or she will have the option to sell the service to others and earn a monthly commission of $1 per signup per month as long as that signup remains active.  You also earn $1 per month per sign up that your signups bring into the business down through 5 levels.

4 Review Criterias

What I look for in a Network Marketing company such as GDI are the following criteria:

  1. Does it have a system that I can can follow?
  2. Will I have the ability to brand myself?
  3. Will I have a mentor or a support team?
  4. Does the Company stand the test of time? Have they been around at least 10 years or more?

Does GDI have a system that I can can follow?

GDI has a little bit of a system that can be followed.  First, when you are introduced to GDI, you are guided to watch a video that gives you information about the company and the compensation plan.

If you sign up by purchasing a domain name, you can enter your back office and you have the option of promoting GDI by entering in email addresses of people you know where they will be able to watch the same presentation, and if they are interested as you were, they can purchase a domain and join you on your downline.

Aside from emailing your friends, you can purchase DVDS to share with others, and you can purchase leads that you can call to invite them to view the video.

So, yes, GDI has a system to help you build your business……slowly.  However, they do not have a business system that teaches online marketing or automation that can allow you to build your business fast.  Since you only earn $1 per signup per month in your organization, automation is key and last I checked, GDI does not have a system that teaches such skills.

If you want to build your business fast and learn how to automate, I would recommend finding a sponsor who can teach you these skills of marketing online and automating your business.  Look for someone who is doing it to build his or her business.

Will I have the ability to brand myself with GDI?

One part of branding yourself is having your own website, preferable with your own domain name.  GDI comes with that automatically.  It also has a web-builder to allow you to customize your website to allow you to stand out from everyone else.

Unfortunately many people with no business knowledge sign up for GDI because of the low cost to entry and they only redirect their domain name to the generic GDI sales page and end up not branding themselves at all because they do the same thing as the other hundreds of thousands of reps do.

If you sign up for GDI, be sure to build your own original website that markets you and what you can do for your prospects that the others are not willing to do.

Will I have a Mentor or a Support Team with GDI?

The GDI company itself does not have mentoring or a support team other than a customer service department.  If you want a mentor, be sure to choose the right sponsor, one who will teach you, stretch you, and be patient with you through the process.

Does the GDI stand the test of time? Have they been around at least 10 years or more?

GDI has been around since the year 2000, so they do stand the test of time.  It is unlikely that the business would go under anytime soon.  Their compensation plan is also setup in a way that they can’t run out of money before paying commissions.

Other Pros and Cons of joining GDI


  • The compensation plan is very up front and super easy to understand.  You get paid $1 for every active domain customer in your 5 level organization.  If you have 4000 people in your organization, you get paid $4000 per month.
  • Compensation plan comes with a fast-start bonus of $100 per 4 people you sponsor in a calendar week period.
  • Only $10 per month to start and operate your business
  • Easier to sponsor new reps because of the low cost of entry and the simplicity of the compensation plan.


  • Only $1 per active rep/client in your organization, you would need to have a few thousand or more to gain financial freedom.  Having 50 active reps in your business would earn you $50 per month only.  50 active reps on system in Shaklee, Amway, or any other MLM would gross you 10 to 100 more than that.
  • Lack of a system that helps you market the business online and lack of education on how to automate the business
  • If you want a mentor, you have to go through the trouble of finding the right sponsor.

The Verdict

Overall, GDI scores fairly well and has proven itself to be a stable business opportunity that will be around for a long time.  Out of 10, I would give the business an 8.  It loses two points for reasons stated under Cons above.

If you are looking to start an online business that still has a compensation plan that’s very simple and easy to understand, where you can brand yourself, have an easy to follow system, and an online support community with mentoring, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate. You can read my Dead Honest Review of Wealthy Affiliate here for more details.

Network Marketing: Choose the Right Sponsor

Before you sign on the dotted line or click submit on the online application to join a Network Marketing Organization, be sure to pick the right sponsor.  Who is the right sponsor?  It really depends on your personality and who you better jive with, but there are non-negotiables when it comes to your sponsor, no matter how much you may like them or how good you jive with them.

Make sure that you know with certainty that your sponsor “is” or “does” the following:

  1. Mentor
  2. Stretches You
  3. Patient
  4. Friendly


In Network Marketing the words “Sponsor” and “Mentor” are synonyms.  One can’t be a sponsor if he is not a mentor.  If he is not a mentor, then he is nothing more than a recruiter.  Recruiters may recruit people in their business and see who fails and who thrives.  They will sling mud at the wall to see what sticks.  The problem with that way of building a business is that the recruiter is failing to build a foundation.  Without a foundation, a building will collapse at the first sign of bad weather, just the same a business will collapse and recruits will leave at the first sign of struggle.

What character traits will a Mentor have?

First he or she has to be a leader.  They have to lead by example, which means they need to be working the business better and more consistently than they expect you to do.  They must be a support specialist for you in your infant stages in the business and help you overcome challenges

Second, they have to be positive.  A positive attitude goes a long way toward being a leader and a mentor.  The infant stages of building any business is often extremely difficult for newbies.  You will face some serious rejection, often for the first time in your business life and they will need to be at such a positive level that they can spread some of that positivity to you and help you see and keep the end goal in mind.

A Mentor is a teacher.  They will sponsor two types of people into their downline: those with previous mlm experience and/or business experience, and those with no business experience.  They need to be able to teach you everything they know and help you begin to have a business mindset and to have vision of what your life can be like if you stick with the business.  They need to teach you marketing skills, sales skills, online marketing skills,  the importance of delayed gratification, and an abundance mindset.

Stretches You

A good sponsor will stretch you.  Your sponsor wants what is best for you and for his or her business organization.  They want to shape you from an employee to a solid and competant business owner.  A true sponsor will challenge you to do things that are uncomfortable and sometimes downright scary.  They don’t do this to see you fail and give up.  They do this so you can fail, learn from your mistakes, try again, fail, learn from your mistakes and they will repeat this process until you succeed and make money.

A sponsor who does not push you and challenge you is merely a recruiter.  When you interview your sponsor before you join any business, ask them to stretch you and challenge you.  If they seem turned off by this, move on.  If they are willing to stretch you or even come out and say that they will stretch you, you may have found the right sponsor.


A good sponsor is patient.  A recruiter will easily give up on their sponsors if one of them takes longer to build a business than the others.  A sponsor will recognize that not all people are on the same level of experience with building a business and it will require of them more time, more teaching, more mentoring, and more patience.

On the flip side, you, as a new rep under your sponsor, need to make sure you are doing those things and applying the lessons you learn from your Mentor.  If you do this and try to improve each day, then your sponsor must be patient with your growth and continur to mentor you.  If he or she gives up, you are not working with a true sponsor, you are working with a recruit.


Perhaps you have heard the saying “nobody wants to do business with a jackass”.  This is true with all business models.  Nobody wants to buy from a jackass, nobody wants to work for a jackass, and nobody wants to be sponsored (actually recruited) by a jackass.  Your mentor must be friendly.

When interviewing your potential sponsor, really read him or her.  If he or she is friendly and kind, and seems genuine, you may have met your ideal sponsor.  If your sponsor seems not very friendly, or prone to arguing or treating you in a condescending way, you are better off looking for someone else.

Unfriendly people usually don’t stay in business for long, while a friendly person will have people like him or her, and people love to buy from, and work with people they like.

So there you have it.  Keep these traits in mind when you are interviewing your sponsor.

  • Are they a true mentor?
  • Will they stretch you?
  • Will they be patient with you?
  • Are they friendly toward you and toward others?

And yes, do interview your potential sponsors.  You don’t have to make it a formal interview, but do ask questions, and do your best to read the person.

  • Can you see yourself being successful under this sponsor?
  • Do I feel comfortable around this sponsor?
  • Are they pulling me up or are they pulling me down?
  • Can I see myself being a busines partner with this person for they next several years?  Are they a good fit for me?

If you can answer yes, to these questions, you may have found the right sponsor.

Remember: Once you have found the right sponsor, get to work and do everything they tell you and apply everything they teach you.

What are your thoughts?  Do you agree? Do you disagree?  Please comment below:


Your Money Is Your Mindset

Your money is your mindset, and you can say it in reverse, your mindset is your money. if you have the mindset of a wealthy person, you will start attracting wealth.  If you have the mindset of a poor person, you will attract poverty in your life.  it’s really that simple!

To be successful as an entrepreneur, you must acquire certain skills and habits that can help you start, operate and grow your business.  For example, if you want to make money online, you must learn certain skills such as blogging, SEO, key word strategies, blogging, split-testing, copywriting, and more.

However, you can be an expert in all these fields and still not be successful if you have the wrong mindset.

What can you do to change your mindset?  You can start doing and thinking the following:

Be Positive

I am sure you have heard this said many times as many people have, but do you really apply it?  Do you look at your situation in life with a positive attitude?  When problems or challenges come up at work, do you work to solve them with a positive attitude?  In your online business or your network marketing business, do you have a positibe attitude?

Really watch your self closely and see how you react to challenges.  If you attack challenges and problems with a can-do or can-fix attitude, then you are likely doing a good job with this, if not, then start working on being positive.

If you are struggling to be positive, try remembering some of the biggest and most difficult challenges you’ve had in your life….did you get through them?  Are you not stronger today because you managed to get through them?

Take Responsibility For Your Mistakes

In the world of business and even in the world of jobs, you are bound to make mistakes or screw something up.  That’s okay, we all make mistakes.  It’s how we respond once we know we’ve made a mistake that really matters.

If we recognize that we make mistakes now, and that we’ll always make mistakes going forward, that makes it easier to take responsibility for our mistakes.  We should also try to learn from our mistakes so we can avoid repeating them in the future.  We should also apologize for our mistakes if it caused hurt to others.  Finally, if our mistake caused damage or loss of income for someone else, we should do everything in our power to fix the damage or repay the money.

Own Your Life

Your life is your own.  It’s nobody else’s life.  If you want your life to be a certain way, then you and only you can change it.

The problem in our world today is that many people look outside of themselves for solutions to their problems.  If they are not making enough money, they may try to supplement their income to start an online business, or join a network marketing business to work in their spare time.

But, very often, after a few weeks (or a few days in extreme cases) of trying, they give up and look for another money making opportunity with the attitude that the 1st business opportunity was suppose to make them money and that the opportunity failed them.

They will hop from one business opportunity to another failing to realize that success comes from within themselves.  If they were not successful, it was themself, not the network marketing company’s and not the affiliate marketing company’s fault.

Are you on any goverment type of income assistance?  Welfare?  WIC? or Medicaid?

I’m not here to judge, some people really need these things, but I am going to be really contraversial here….Do you need really need these forms of assistance?  Is there something you can change in your life to improve your circumstances? Can you learn a new skill?  Can you start a side business?

The reason I ask these questions, is that when you are on government assistance, you don’t own your life.  You own part of your life.  The Government owns the other part of your life.  It’s a form of slavery.  If you can make the necessary changes to increase your income, you can get off of these programs and own more of your life.  Getting off these programs is a good feeling, I promise, and I’m speaking from experience.

This leads me into the next way of thinking…….

Have an Abundance Mindset

Do you believe there is a scarcity of money in the world?  Do you believe that there is not enough money to go around for everybody?

I have good news for you, you couldn’t be further from the truth.

There is lots of money to go around, you just haven’t figured out how to get your hands on it yet!

One way to start is to fully grasp and accept the idea and concept that there is an abundance of everything in the world, especially money.  If you are not making a lot of money at your job, there are ways to make extra money in your spare time.

Go online and google “ways to make extra money”.  You will see there are countless ways to increase the thickness of your wallet.

Join an affiliate program, such as Wealthy Affiliate and learn to make lots of money selling other peopl’e products.

Join a Network Marketing company and make a lot of money by helping other people make a lot of money.

If you don’t like any of these ideas, start your own business from scratch.

Avoid having a scarcity mindset, because scarcity is a false idea.  Having a scarcity mindset will attract scarcity and lack to your life.  You don’t want that, you don’t deserve that.

Have an abundance mindset, because it’s a true idea and you will attract money, you will attract key people, and you will attract key opportunities that will allow you to live an abundant life.

Everything you have in your life now is a direct result of your mindset over the past several years.  Do you want to change your circumstances for the better?  Then begin to change your mindset for the better….

What are your thoughts?  Do you agree? Do you disagree?  Please comment below:

Amway MLM Review 2018: The Dead Honest Truth…

Amway Information

Owner: Steve Van Andel & Doug DeVos


Headquarters: Ada, MI

Founded: 1959

Cost to join: $173.74 to join as an IBO (independant business owner) and less than $100 per year thereafter

Amway’s Purpose

Amway started in 1959 by selling the first biodegradable liquid organic cleaner through a relationship marketing business model.  Over the decades, they have added in Health and Wellness, personal cleaning products, make-up, beauty, and now they are partnered up with Target, Best Buy, Auto Insurance, Credit Cards, and many other retailers.

It would be easy to say that their purpose is to make people healthy, but they also help people save money with Auto Insurance, and they help Independent Business Owners by providing multiple ways to make money.  They are involved in a lot and so it seems that nobody can really pinpoint their main purpose, but on their website, they state their purpose, and they state they have

  • Brands That Do Wonders
  • Opportunities That Empower
  • Relationships That Endure
  • Global Citizenship That’s Purposeful

They put a lot of emphasis on opportunities and relationships which tells me that one of their main purposes is to help people around the world to be successful in their own business.


4 Review Criterias

What I look for in a Network Marketing company such as Amway are the following criteria:

  1. Does it have a system that I can can follow?
  2. Will I have the ability to brand myself?
  3. Will I have a mentor or a support team?
  4. Does the Company stand the test of time? Have they been around at least 10 years or more?

Does Amway have a system that I can can follow?

When someone joins Amway, they usually join a team that provides a business system to follow.  Amway itself does not provide the system.  The team will usually have a system where you join as an Amway IBO under a mentor.  Then that mentor will have you make a list of all your friends and then you call that list of friends and have them meet with you and your mentor to go over the business opportunity.

Once you are an IBO, you are also urged to plug into the system bty (1) signing up for Amway’s autoship called “Ditto”, (2) signing up for the monthy CDs and book, (3) and attending all the quarterly success summits that take place in different parts of the country.

By doing the above and inviting others to learn more about the business opportunity, you will be able to build a huge organization and make a lot of money from the sales within your organization.

Will I have the ability to brand myself with Amway?

In my opinion, YES.  But not if you only follow the outlined system above.  Branding yourself goes far beyond just talking to your friends and family and pitching them on your products and your business opportunity.  When you brand yourself, you stand out from all the others.  You are unique.  One way to brand yourself is to create an online presense through your own website and/or blog.

If you can brand yourself and build a following, you can then market products or your business opportunity to that following.

Will I have a Mentor or a Support Team with Amway?

You will most likely be joining a team within Amway what comes with a Mentor and a support team.  Sometimes that team may be it’s own company such as World Wide Dream Builders.  If I could give anyone any advice, I would suggest they don’t join any business unless they are joining under a true mentor and support team.

Does Amway stand the test of time? Have they been around at least 10 years or more?

Amway has been in business just shy of 60 years.  They do stand the test of time and have thrived through many recessions, they must be doing something right in order to last this long.  It is highly unlikely that Amway would go out of business anytime soon.

Other Pros and Cons of joining Amway


  • They stand the test of time and are unlikely to shut their doors suddenly
  • The cost to start a business is low compared to some MLM opportunities
  • The health, beauty, and cleaning products are far superior to what you can get at Wal-mart
  • They offer opportunities is multiple niches. Have a niche?  They likely have a product you can market, whether that be one of Amway’s products or one of their partners products



  • The products can get expensive and the dollar amount you have to spend to earn a certain amount of personal volume (PV) is a concern for many prospects.
  • Amway has than early MLM stigma that can send potential prospects running for the hills the moment they hear the word “Amway”
  • There is tremendous pressure from uplines and sponsors to “go on system”, which can cost over $100 per month to get motivational CDs and books.  Although it’s not required to be successful, some uplines will use scare tactics such as “you will never be successful unless your on system”
  • They really pitch the old way of doing MLM (list of friends and family, and hotel rah-rah meetings). Unless you can find a team that will teach you to brand yourself and market your business online, you may very well end up in the 95% unsuccessful since such tactics do not work for most people.

The Verdict

That is my review of Amway.  Overall it is legit and is a good company that offers great products for their IBO’s to sell, their weakness is that they push their IBO’s to run their MLM business the old school way, they don’t offer you any assistance on how to brand yourself, thereby making it hard to stand out, they don’t have a simple straight-forward compensation plan, and you have to meet Personal Volume (PV) requirements to get paid.

If you are looking to start an online business and you want a compensation plan that’s very simple and easy to understand, where you can brand yourself and have an easy to follow system, with no PV requirements to get paid, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate. You can read my Dead Honest Review of Wealthy Affiliate here for more details.

How to Choose the Right Online Business

So, you want to start your own online business, but you are not sure what type of business should you start.  Choosing the right online business is one of 8 steps to succeeding online in any business and is crucial to your success since you will be dedicating the rest of your working days up through retirement on it.  Don’t rush to get into the next hot program, or the next free online business opportunity that offers you untold wealth without having to work, or talk to anyone or sell anything.  Take this process seriously and take your time with it.

There are a few steps you need to take to determine the right online business that you can be passionate about, one that you will look forward to doing each and every day.

Choose Your Niche

The first thing you need to do is to choose a niche or field that you are passionate about. Niches can include, but are not limited to Health and Wellness, Travel, Making Money from Home, Self-help, sports, weightlifting, basketball skills, etc etc.

Once you have chosen a niche, you need to do market research on that niche to make sure it’s profitable.  Doing Market research is quite easy.  First you do a google search on your niche and see how many results show up. Then you check Amazon, Clickbank, or other affiliate sights to see if there are products or e-books related to your niche.  You should also check to see if there are any Network Marketing businesses that are related to your niche.  As of right now, there are network marketing business opportunities in Health and Wellness, Travel, Telecom and Technology, Legal Services, E-commerce, and so many more.

If you don’t see any products, e-books or business opportunities related to your niche, you may want to think about choosing another niche that you are passionate about and do market research on that until you find one that can be profitable.

Determine Your Business Model

You have some options when it comes to how you want to make money with your Niche.  Let’s say you chose “travel” as your niche.  You can start one of the following business models:

  1. Your own online business from scratch
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Network Marketing Business

Your Own Online Business from scratch

This is the hardest way to start a business, especially if you don’t already have experience running your own business.  With this model, you would go out and find suppliers that sell travel products and you would buy wholesale and sell retail on your own e-commerce website.  You could also drop ship, which is where you buy the product after the customer buys it from you and you have the product shipped directly to your customer.  You pay wholesale price, your customer pays retail price and you collect the difference.  You can also create your own products to sell if you are creative and have lots of investment capital.

You could also get a license and become a Travel Agent, and help people get the best deal possible on vacation packages.

The problem with this business model, is that it is the riskiest model, it is the most expensive model to get up and running, and it takes up a lot of your time unless you hire employees, but who wants to do that?  It is also not very profitable unless you can get your hands on high ticket items to sell.  High ticket items are not available for all niches.

Affiliate Marketing

If you have ever heard of the concept of selling other people’s products and making a commission, that is known as affiliate marketing.  There are several advantages to selling other people’s products versus creating your own products or writing your own books.  Such advantages are:

  • No inventory to maintain
  • No expensive/time consuming product creation
  • Low start-up costs
  • short learning curve to success
  • ability to earn up 75% commission
  • unlimited income potential

If your niche is “travel”, there are several opportunities to sell products and travel hacking courses from sights such as  You could sell travel related products on Amazon such as suitcases, power outlet converters, inflatable airplane neck pillows, and the list goes on.  Also all the airlines, and third party booking sights such as Expedia and Kayak have affiliate programs. We are using travel as an example of a niche, other niches have plenty of affiliate marketing opportunities tied to them too.

All you need to do is create a website, start a following, and when people begin to know you and trust you, they will want to buy from you.  One of the best programs that can walk you through this process in easy to follow steps is Wealthy Affiliate.  You can read my review here.  It in itself is also an affiliate program.

Network Marketing Business

Network Marketing, also known as multi-level marketing or MLM for short is a business model that has been around a long time.  The first MLM business started in the 1950s, it is still around today and it’s called Amway.  Today there are hundreds of Network Marketing businesses across the world covering several niches.  If there is a network marketing company that fits into your niche, you have another business model to choose from.  Lucky you!

This business model has definitely had its ups and downs.  Unfortunately several scams following an MLM model were started by some unscrupulous people, they offered no products or services, just the passing upward of money and soon people would be passing money up to you,  but really all the money flowed to the top, such programs were labeled as Pyramid Schemes.  Not surprisingly many assume that legit MLM businesses are pyramid schemes and they refuse to learn anything about them.

Network marketing basically works like this:

You sign up in the MLM business as an independent rep, you buy the products or services for yourself and market the same products to others.  You earn a commission off your own purchases and off the purchases of others.  You then sponsor other independent reps who join under you in your downline.  In turn you earn commissions off their sales too.  They go out and sponsor new reps, and you can often earn several levels down.

The big advantage with this business model is that you can make a substantial amount of money from the efforts of others in your organization.

When it comes to Network Marketing, there is a right away and a wrong way to do it in the 21st century.  The best way to go out it is to do it the right way.  Here are 8 Network Marketing Tips Your Sponsor won’t tell you.

Get to Work

Once you’ve chosen your business model, get to work.  One of the habits you want to pick up immediately is consistency.  One of the biggest reasons people fail to make money online is because they are not consistent.  They are given a proven business model, the follow the steps for a few days and they give up at the first sign of challenge.

There are going to be challenges, there are going to be tests and trials. If you remain consistent and learn from your mistakes, you will be successful.  It’s really that simple.

What are your thoughts?  Do you agree? Do you disagree?  Please comment below: